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  1. An invertible seven-dimensional Dirichlet cell characterization of lattices
  2. Serial crystallography with multi-stage merging of thousands of images
  3. Gold Standard for macromolecular crystallography diffraction data
  4. Best practices for high data-rate macromolecular crystallography (HDRMX)
  5. Acceleratingk-nearest-neighbor searches
  6. The geometry of Niggli reduction: BGAOL – embedding Niggli reduction and analysis of boundaries. Erratum
  7. Estimation of protein function using template-based alignment of enzyme active sites
  8. The geometry of Niggli reduction:BGAOL–embedding Niggli reduction and analysis of boundaries
  9. The geometry of Niggli reduction:SAUC– search of alternative unit cells
  10. Conscript: RasMol to PyMOL script converter
  11. Efficient molecular surface rendering by linear-time pseudo-Gaussian approximation to Lee–Richards surfaces (PGALRS)
  12. Unifying biological image formats with HDF5
  13. Unifying Biological Image Formats with HDF5
  14. Review: important to prevent a return to abuses of the past
  15. VCIF2: extended CIF validation software
  16. Computer Programming Languages
  17. Software Engineering
  18. Computer Programming Languages: Addendum
  19. Recent changes to RasMol, recombining the variants
  20. Fourier-transform spectrophotometer for time-resolved emission measurements using a 100-point transient digitizer
  21. Optimizing Givens’ Algorithm for Multiprocessors
  22. Corrigenda to "An Inequality for Selfadjoint Operators on a Hilbert Space"
  23. An inequality for selfadjoint operators on a Hilbert space
  24. Corrigenda to: ‘‘An inequality for selfadjoint operators on a Hilbert space”
  25. Factory automation and robotics
  26. Determining the shape of a convex n-sided polygon by using 2n + k tactile probes
  27. An accelerated bisection method for the calculation of eigenvalues of a symmetric tridiagonal matrix
  28. The CRYSNET terminal organization
  29. Compiling fixed-point multiplications
  30. Ludeman's PL/I FORMAC gradient problem as handled by FORTRAN SYMBOLANG
  31. CCN-Groups of Order Divisible by Three Primes
  32. ${\rm CCN}$-groups of order divisible by three primes
  33. Extension of Hajós' factorization theorem to some non‐abelian groups