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  1. Evaluating the employer branding mix model: a study in the Spanish healthcare sector
  2. The influence of job crafting on the quality of care provided by nursing home employees: The moderating effect of organizational identification
  3. Self-evaluating participatory research projects: A content validation of the InSPIRES online impact evaluation tool
  4. Cognitive job crafting as mediator between behavioral job crafting and quality of care in residential homes for the elderly
  5. Managers’ Conceptions and Their Effects on the Perception of Employees with Disabilities
  6. Cold wind of change: Associations between organizational change, turnover intention, overcommitment and quality of care in Spanish and Swedish eldercare organizations
  7. Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention Among People With Disabilities Working in Special Employment Centers: The Moderation Effect of Organizational Commitment
  8. IV AENC e integración laboral de las personas con discapacidad: ¿nuevo impulso para la negociación colectiva?
  9. A. Duarte Gomes & revista Psychologica: Building the WOP Psychology in Portugal
  10. Future Work and Disability: Promoting Job Motivation in Special Employment Centers in Spain
  11. Job crafting and well-being in the elderly care sector: the effect of over-commitment
  12. Organizational change and commitment: Effects on well-being, turnover intent and quality of care in Spanish and Swedish eldercare
  13. Spanish and Swedish eldercare managers’ influence on employees
  14. Impact of Job Crafting on Quality of Care: The Moderating Effect of Commitment
  15. Pornografía infantil online: una revisión literaria de enfoque cultural
  16. The corporate social responsibility policies for the inclusion of people with disabilities as predictors of employees’ identification, commitment and absenteeism
  17. Labour inclusion of people with disabilities in Spain: the effect of policies and human resource management systems
  18. The moderator effect of commitment on the relations between satisfaction and motivation in Special Employment Centres
  19. More than words: Promoviendo la integración laboral de personas con discapacidad
  20. Expertons and uncertain averaging operators versus correlational approaches
  21. Twenty-five years of research on work and organizational psychology: A bibliometric perspective
  22. Job Crafting, Employee Well-being, and Quality of Care
  23. Quality indicators: developing “MOOCs” in the European Higher Education Area
  24. Modelo DIL-D ©: diagnosticando las acciones de responsabilidad social corporativa centradas en la integración laboral de personas con discapacidad
  25. Person-work-organization relationship
  26. More than words: promoting the labour integration of people with disabilities
  27. Uncertain averaging operators: a new way to study the psychosocial organizational phenomena
  28. Interval Numbers Versus Correlational Approaches Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility
  29. Factors Influencing Participant's Satisfaction in a Victim-offender Program
  30. Workaholism in Brazil: Measurement and individual differences
  31. Adaptación y validación de la versión española de la “Survey Work-Home Interaction – NijmeGen” (SWING) en países hispanohablantes
  32. Human Capital Questionnaire: Assessment of European nurses' perceptions as indicators of human capital quality
  33. Data mining and mall users profile
  34. Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Human System Audit Short-Scale of Transformational Leadership
  35. Validez del Cuestionario de Identificación y Compromiso (HSA-ICI)
  36. Un modelo integrado de motivación laboral aplicado a una mestra multicultural
  37. Identification-commitment inventory (ICI model): confirmatory factor analysis and construct validity
  38. Requerimientos de competencias del profesional de recursos humanos: ajuste entre las percepciones de empleadores y graduados