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  1. Depleting pathways of self-sacrificial and laissez-faire leadership: The roles of leader gender and perceived organizational support.
  2. Cold wind of change: Associations between organizational change, turnover intention, overcommitment and quality of care in Spanish and Swedish eldercare organizations
  3. No leader is an island: contextual antecedents to line managers' constructive and destructive leadership during an organizational intervention
  4. Evaluation of iLead, a generic implementation leadership intervention: mixed-method preintervention–postintervention design
  5. Aligning job redesign with leadership training to improve supervisor support: a quasi-experimental study of the integration of HR practices
  6. Line managers’ influence on employee usage of a web-based system for occupational health management
  7. How do iLead? Validation of a scale measuring active and passive implementation leadership in Swedish healthcare
  8. Making it fit: Associations of line managers' behaviours with the outcomes of an organizational-level intervention
  9. Leading for change: line managers’ influence on the outcomes of an occupational health intervention
  10. Meeting patient needs trumps adherence. A cross-sectional study of adherence and adaptations when national guidelines are used in practice
  11. The Dynamic Integrated Evaluation Model (DIEM): Achieving Sustainability in Organizational Intervention through a Participatory Evaluation Approach
  12. iLead—a transformational leadership intervention to train healthcare managers’ implementation leadership