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  1. Groundwater response of the groundwater depletion hotspot in northwestern India!
  2. Effect of shoal margin collapse on channel-shoal network in the Western Scheldt
  3. Empirical Assessment Tool for Bathymetry, Flow Velocity and Salinity in Estuaries Based on Tidal Amplitude and Remotely-Sensed Imagery
  4. Channel-Bar development in an experimental estuary.
  5. Effects of shoal margin collapses on the morphodynamics of a sandy estuary
  6. Location and the predictability of shoal margin collapses in the Western Scheldt
  7. The influence of transverse slope effects on large scale morphology in morphodynamic models
  8. Efficient Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater Can Prevent Seasonal Death of Non-Glacial Linked Rivers in Groundwater Stressed Areas
  9. Predicting aquifer stratigraphy within a fluvial fan deposit
  10. Meander channel belt geometries
  11. Linking fan morphology to stratigraphy
  12. Preservation of meandering river channels in uniformly aggrading channel belts
  13. Swiftness of biomorphodynamics in Lilliput- to Giant-sized rivers and deltas
  14. Quantifiable effectiveness of experimental scaling of river- and delta morphodynamics and stratigraphy
  15. Bifurcation instability and chute cutoff development in meandering gravel-bed rivers
  16. Bank pull or bar push: What drives scroll-bar formation in meandering rivers?
  17. Morphological and Stratigraphical Signature of Floods In A Braided Gravel-Bed River Revealed From Flume Experiments
  18. Effects of vegetation distribution on experimental river channel dynamics
  19. Formation of a cohesive floodplain in a dynamic experimental meandering river
  20. Channel belt architecture formed by a meandering river
  21. Experimental meandering river with chute cutoffs