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  1. Corporate social responsibility in luxury hotels in Cusco (Peru) to benefit indigenous communities
  2. Enhancing Competences For Co-Creating Appealing and Meaningful Cultural Heritage Experiences in Tourism
  3. Vorwort
  4. Verkehr und Tourismus: Auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigeren Mobilität im Tourismus!?
  5. Tourism and transition
  6. Tourism development in transition economies of the western Balkans
  7. Marktforschung für Destinationen. Grundlagen – Instrumente – Praxisbeispiele
  8. Encouraging behavioural change towards sustainable tourism: a German approach to free public transport for tourists
  9. On The Move: Emerging Fields of Transport Research in Urban Tourism
  10. Warum immer Tourismus? Isomorphe Strategien in der Regionalentwicklung
  11. Denying bogus skepticism in climate change and tourism research
  12. No time for smokescreen skepticism: A rejoinder to Shani and Arad
  13. Branding Views Marketing: Lessons to Learn for Destination Management
  14. Future Tourism
  15. The number of 'non-captives' as an indicator of the quality of public transport supply: an alternative quality measure in the context of mobility-management
  16. Key factors for successful leisure and tourism public transport provision
  17. Mobility management outside metropolitan areas: case study evidence from North Rhine-Westphalia