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  1. The host-guest relationship is the key to sustainable hospitality: Lessons learned from a Dutch case study
  2. Branded and third-party managed hotels: more or less sustainable?
  3. Is the hotel industry prepared to face the challenge of sustainable development?
  4. Adding researchers' behaviour to the research agenda: bridging the science–policy gap in sustainable tourism mobility
  5. Denying bogus skepticism in climate change and tourism research
  6. No time for smokescreen skepticism: A rejoinder to Shani and Arad
  7. Sustainable hospitality
  8. The problem of addressing culture in workplace strategies
  9. Facilities management: lost, or regained?
  10. A reflection on the Dutch Sustainable Public Procurement Programme
  11. Redesigning a collection system for “small” consumer electronics
  12. Decision supporting model for the recovery of computer components
  13. Tools for closed-loop manufacturing