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  1. Why space tourism will not be part of sustainable tourism
  2. Desirable tourism transport futures
  3. Denying bogus skepticism in climate change and tourism research
  4. Assessing tourism's global environmental impact 1900–2050
  5. On climate change skepticism and denial in tourism
  6. The Global Footprint of Tourism
  7. Tourism's climate mitigation dilemma: Flying between rich and poor countries
  8. Psychological and behavioural approaches to understanding and governing sustainable mobility
  9. Developing a long-term global tourism transport model using a behavioural approach: implications for sustainable tourism policy making
  10. Happiness and limits to sustainable tourism mobility: a new conceptual model
  11. A clear path towards sustainable mass tourism? Rejoinder to the paper ‘Organic, incremental and induced paths to sustainable mass tourism convergence’ by David B. Weaver
  12. The awareness/attitude‐gap in sustainable tourism: a theoretical perspective
  13. Time, Tourism Consumption and Sustainable Development
  14. Tourism Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Proposal of a New Methodological Framework for Sustainable Consumption and Production
  15. Tourism and water use: Supply, demand, and security. An international review
  16. The Emerging Global Tourism Geography—An Environmental Sustainability Perspective
  17. The future tourism mobility of the world population: Emission growth versus climate policy
  18. Food management in tourism: Reducing tourism’s carbon ‘foodprint’
  19. Travelling ‘green’: is tourists' happiness at stake?
  20. Tourism travel under climate change mitigation constraints
  21. Antarctic cruise tourism: the paradoxes of ambassadorship, “last chance tourism” and greenhouse gas emissions
  22. Can tourism deliver its “aspirational” greenhouse gas emission reduction targets?
  23. The Future of Tourism: Can Tourism Growth and Climate Policy be Reconciled? A Mitigation Perspective
  24. Chapter 4 Tourism transport, technology, and carbon dioxide emissions
  25. Transport and Tourism: Is there a Sustainable Future?
  26. Air Transport, Climate Change and Tourism
  27. Pro-Poor Tourism, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  28. Moving Towards Low-Carbon Tourism
  29. ‘It Does Not Harm the Environment!’ An Analysis of Industry Discourses on Tourism, Air Travel and the Environment
  30. Voluntary Carbon Offsetting Schemes for Aviation: Efficiency, Credibility and Sustainable Tourism
  31. Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Inbound Tourism and Transport to Amsterdam
  32. Innovation towards tourism sustainability: climate change and aviation
  33. The eco-efficiency of tourism
  34. Airships for passenger and freight transport in The Netherlands
  35. Environmental discourses in the aviation industry: the reproduction of mobility.
  36. The ST-EP programme and least developed countries: is tourism the best alternative?