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  1. An artificial triazole backbone linkage provides a split-and-click strategy to bioactive chemically modified CRISPR sgRNA
  2. Light-Induced Reversible DNA Ligation of Gold Nanoparticle Superlattices
  3. DNA-Coated Gold Nanoparticles for the Detection of mRNA in Live Hydra Vulgaris Animals
  4. Synthesis, oligonucleotide incorporation and fluorescence properties in DNA of a bicyclic thymine analogue
  5. Synthesis, Affinity for Complementary RNA and DNA, and Enzymatic Stability of Triazole-Linked Locked Nucleic Acids (t-LNAs)
  6. Graphene Oxide–Upconversion Nanoparticle Based Portable Sensors for Assessing Nutritional Deficiencies in Crops
  7. Multiplexed mRNA Sensing and Combinatorial-Targeted Drug Delivery Using DNA-Gold Nanoparticle Dimers
  8. Spectroscopic and Hydrodynamic Characterisation of DNA-Linked Gold Nanoparticle Dimers in Solution using Two-Photon Photoluminescence
  9. Redox Capacitive Assaying of C-Reactive Protein at a Peptide Supported Aptamer Interface
  10. Enzyme-free synthesis of cyclic single-stranded DNA constructs containing a single triazole, amide or phosphoramidate backbone linkage and their use as templates for rolling circle amplification and nanoflower formation
  11. Fluorogenic thiazole orange TOTFO probes stabilise parallel DNA triplexes at pH 7 and above
  12. Gene assemblyviaone-pot chemical ligation of DNA promoted by DNA nanostructures
  13. NMR analyses onN-hydroxymethylated nucleobases – implications for formaldehyde toxicity and nucleic acid demethylases
  14. Searching for avidity by chemical ligation of combinatorially self-assembled DNA-encoded ligand libraries
  15. CRISPRi is not strand-specific at all loci and redefines the transcriptional landscape
  16. Assembly of a biocompatible triazole-linked gene by one-pot click-DNA ligation
  17. Toward Complete Sequence Flexibility of Nucleic Acid Base Analogue FRET
  18. 5-Formylcytosine does not change the global structure of DNA
  19. Molecular Requirements of High-Fidelity Replication-Competent DNA Backbones for Orthogonal Chemical Ligation
  20. Instrument-free quantitative gold nanoparticle-based liquid-phase colorimetric assays for use in resource-poor environments
  21. Investigatingd-lysine stereochemistry for epigenetic methylation, demethylation and recognition
  22. Locked nucleic acid (LNA) enhances binding affinity of triazole-linked DNA towards RNA
  23. Single tube gene synthesis by phosphoramidate chemical ligation
  24. Site-selective immobilization of functionalized DNA origami on nanopatterned Teflon AF
  25. Graphene Oxide-Upconversion Nanoparticle Based Optical Sensors for Targeted Detection of mRNA Biomarkers Present in Alzheimer’s Disease and Prostate Cancer
  26. Electrophilic RNA for Peptidyl-RNA Synthesis and Site-Specific Cross-Linking with tRNA-Binding Enzymes
  27. An autonomous molecular assembler for programmable chemical synthesis
  28. Stable end-sealed DNA as robust nano-rulers for in vivo single-molecule fluorescence
  29. Azide and trans-cyclooctene dUTPs: incorporation into DNA probes and fluorescent click-labelling
  30. Enzymatic incorporation and fluorescent labelling of cyclooctyne-modified deoxyuridine triphosphates in DNA
  31. Triplex-mediated analysis of cytosine methylation at CpA sites in DNA
  32. Structural insights into how 5-hydroxymethylation influences transcription factor binding
  33. Reverse transcription through a bulky triazole linkage in RNA: implications for RNA sequencing
  34. Enhanced H-bonding and π-stacking in DNA: a potent duplex-stabilizing and mismatch sensing nucleobase analogue
  35. Solid phase click ligation for the synthesis of very long oligonucleotides
  36. Click DNA and RNA ligation for new biocompatible nucleic acid backbone mimics
  37. Click Chemistry on DNA