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  1. How Measurements Change Between 3D Body Scans
  2. Key Measurements for Garment Construction are Missing from 3D Body Scanning Systems!
  3. Why Online Virtual Fit Platforms Are Inaccurate (and how we need to fix them)
  4. Virtual Clothing and Automatic Pattern Unwrapping
  5. Evidence-based development of a strategy for Canadian apparel SMEs
  6. The development of an apparel industry business model for Canada
  7. Cotton fibre for denim manufacture
  8. Joining techniques for denim jeans
  9. How to accurately find the waist in 3D Body Scanning
  10. Practical Considerations of Applying Body Scanning as a Teaching and Research Tool
  11. The sewing of textiles
  12. Types of fabric and their joining requirements
  13. Lower body functional ease requirements in the garment pattern
  14. Computerised reporting for fabric sewability
  15. The applicability of cluster theory to Canada's small and medium‐sized apparel companies
  16. Fabric parameter mapping for seam sewability
  17. Automated fabric inspection
  18. Technological advances in sewing garments
  19. Fast fashion: a financial snapshot
  20. The UK clothing industry
  21. The economic determinants of clothing consumption in the UK 1987‐2000
  22. Development of a perfusion suit incorporating auxiliary heating and cooling system