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  1. Whole body scanning as a tool for clothing sizing: effects on women’s body satisfaction
  2. ‘I didn’t realise I was such a sausage’: men’s accounts of whole-body scanning, body image, and expected changes in health-related behaviours
  3. Fashion misfit: women’s dissatisfaction and its implications
  4. Insights on the apparel needs and limitations for athletes with disabilities: The design of wheelchair rugby sports-wear
  5. Enabling the digital fashion consumer through fit and sizing technology
  6. How Measurements Change Between 3D Body Scans
  7. Key Measurements for Garment Construction are Missing from 3D Body Scanning Systems!
  8. Why Online Virtual Fit Platforms Are Inaccurate (and how we need to fix them)
  9. Exploring Fashion Choice Criteria for Older Chinese Female Consumers: A Wardrobe Study Approach
  10. Sports-Wear in Wheelchair Rugby: Establishing Design Needs
  11. ‘I think a little bit of a kick is sometimes what you need’: Women’s accounts of whole-body scanning and likely impact on health-related behaviours
  12. A method to improve 3D Body Scanning's accuracy by standardising posture
  13. Body-to-Pattern Relationships in Womens Trouser Drafting Methods: Implications for Apparel Mass Customization
  14. Exploring the Impact of Lifestyle on Fashion Consumption Behaviour for Older Chinese Women
  15. Women’s Long-Term Reactions to Whole-Body Scanning
  16. A review of research and innovation in garment sizing, prototyping and fitting
  17. Dress fit and body image: A thematic analysis of women's accounts during and after trying on dresses
  18. Lower body functional ease requirements in the garment pattern
  19. Improving garment fit and function through ease quantification