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  1. How augmented reality can enhance fashion retail: a UX design perspective
  2. We asked people about fashion shopping apps and guess what happened next
  3. Making 3D Body Scanning 4500% More Precise (finally better than hand measurement!)
  4. Body Shape Classification is flawed: the FFIT can classify a woman into more than one shape
  5. How to design virtual reality for fashion shopping
  6. How to Engage Fashion Retail with Virtual Reality: A Consumer Perspective
  7. You won't believe what motivates Chinese people to shop for fashion
  8. How to design Fashion Retail Apps that increase profits
  9. How Measurements Change Between 3D Body Scans
  10. Key Measurements for Garment Construction are Missing from 3D Body Scanning Systems!
  11. Why Online Virtual Fit Platforms Are Inaccurate (and how we need to fix them)
  12. A method to improve 3D Body Scanning's accuracy by standardising posture
  13. We Looked at Why People Want to Shop via Apps and Everyone is Talking About IT.
  14. How to Collect Data Correctly with 3D Body Scanners
  15. Why Designing in Teams Leeds To More Innovative Solutions
  16. How Crowdsourcing Helps Wheelchair Users Get Around
  17. How to accurately find the waist in 3D Body Scanning
  18. Why Crowdsourced information is as good as Professional Information (and why you should use it)
  19. Why people want to use crowd sourced information? [Book Chapter]
  20. What is crowdsourced map data, and where it may go in the future?
  21. Non-Professional Information's use in Outdoor Sports
  22. How Crowd Sourced Information Builds Better Services
  23. How Crowd Sourced Map Data is Used (and why it is so good)
  24. How to design fashion apps that seduce the customer (and boost sales)