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  1. Talking about smoking cessation with postnatal women: exploring midwives' experiences
  2. Whole body scanning as a tool for clothing sizing: effects on women’s body satisfaction
  3. Men’s reflections on their body image at different life stages: A thematic analysis of interview accounts from middle-aged men
  4. “I don’t mind being ugly but I don’t wanna have skin cancer”: A qualitative study of attitudes to UV exposure and a facial morphing intervention in men 35 years and older
  5. Students’ experiences of a facial morphing intervention designed to encourage safer drinking
  6. ‘I didn’t realise I was such a sausage’: men’s accounts of whole-body scanning, body image, and expected changes in health-related behaviours
  7. ‘So many women suffer in silence’: a thematic analysis of women’s written accounts of coping with endometriosis
  8. Attributions of victim blame in stranger and acquaintance rape: A quantitative study
  9. ‘I’ve got a very dichotomous difference in the way that I perceive myself’: Positive and negative constructions of body image following cancer treatment
  10. ‘It’s bit of an eye opener’ – A qualitative study of women’s attitudes towards tanning, sun protection and a facial morphing intervention
  11. ‘I think a little bit of a kick is sometimes what you need’: Women’s accounts of whole-body scanning and likely impact on health-related behaviours
  12. Body image after mastectomy: A thematic analysis of younger women’s written accounts
  13. Younger British men’s understandings of prostate cancer: A qualitative study
  14. Women’s Long-Term Reactions to Whole-Body Scanning