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  1. Anthropometric data for wheelchair users: a systematic literature review
  2. A Brief Overview of the Use of Collaborative Robots in Industry 4.0: Human Role and Safety
  3. Initial designs of wheelchair rugby gloves
  4. Anthropometric characteristics of Chilean workers for ergonomic and design purposes
  5. Anthropometric Data of Chilean Male Workers
  6. Evaluation of Design Recommendations for the Development of Wheelchair Rugby Sports-Wear
  7. A literature review of anthropometric studies of school students for ergonomics purposes: Are accuracy, precision and reliability being considered?
  8. Accuracy, precision and reliability in anthropometric surveys for ergonomics purposes in adult working populations: A literature review
  9. A comparison of manual anthropometric measurements with Kinect-based scanned measurements in terms of precision and reliability
  10. Wheelchair users’ anthropometric data: Analysis of existent available information
  11. Insights on the apparel needs and limitations for athletes with disabilities: The design of wheelchair rugby sports-wear
  12. Sports-Wear in Wheelchair Rugby: Establishing Design Needs
  13. Validation study of a Kinect based body imaging system
  14. Work-wear pattern design to accommodate different working postures
  15. Assessment of the intraday variability of anthropometric measurements in the work environment: a pilot study
  16. Current state of the art and enduring issues in anthropometric data collection
  17. Effects of Different Body Postures on Anthropometric Measures
  19. An overview of the current three-dimensional body scanners for anthropometric data collection
  20. The Impact of Work Clothing Design on Workers’ Comfort
  21. A Validation Study of a Kinect Based Body Imaging (KBI) Device System Based on ISO 20685:2010
  22. 3D anthropometric data collection for occupational ergonomics purposes
  23. Qualitative evaluation of occupational exposure to chemical agents in a workplace of a research laboratory