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  1. Iron 1s X-ray photoemission of Fe2O3
  2. Snapshots of the Fluctuating Hydrogen Bond Network in Liquid Water on the Sub-Femtosecond Timescale with Vibrational Resonant Inelastic x-ray Scattering
  3. Coupling of single, double, and triple-decker metal-phthalocyanine complexes to ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic substrates
  4. Thermal evolution of the band edges of 6H-SiC: X-ray methods compared to the optical band gap
  5. The angular- and crystal-momentum transfer through electron–phonon coupling in silicon and silicon-carbide: similarities and differences
  6. Dynamics of the OH group and the electronic structure of liquid alcohols
  7. State-dependent fluorescence yields through the core-valence Coulomb exchange parameter
  8. In situ X-ray Raman spectroscopy study of the hydrogen sorption properties of lithium borohydride nanocomposites
  9. From Ligand Fields to Molecular Orbitals: Probing the Local Valence Electronic Structure of Ni2+ in Aqueous Solution with Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
  10. The iron L edges: Fe 2p X-ray absorption and electron energy loss spectroscopy
  11. Styrene oligomerization as a molecular probe reaction for Brønsted acidity at the nanoscale
  12. In situ X-ray Raman spectroscopy of LiBH4
  13. Oxygen Binding to Cobalt and Iron Phthalocyanines As Determined from in Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  14. Mixed-valence behavior and strong correlation effects of metal phthalocyanines adsorbed on metals
  15. First principles multiplet calculations of the calcium L2, 3x-ray absorption spectra of CaO and CaF2
  16. Accuracy of the spin sum rule in XMCD for the transition-metal L edges from manganese to copper
  17. The accuracy of the spin sum rule in XMCD
  18. 2p x-ray absorption of iron-phthalocyanine
  19. Monte Carlo simulations of in-plane stacking disorder in hard-sphere crystals
  20. Grain size effects on lateral islands in hard-sphere crystals