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  1. MoS2 Nanosheet/ZnS Composites for the Visible-Light-Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Oxytetracycline
  2. Top-down synthesis of graphene: New Methods
  3. Investigation and Modeling of the Electrical Conductivity of Graphene Nanoplatelets-Loaded Doped-Polypyrrole
  4. Carbon nanomaterial-based adsorbents for water purification
  5. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) removal
  6. Industrial mine water treatment
  7. Interlayer-expanded MoS2 nanostructures for water purification
  8. Photodegradation of naphthalene
  9. Fire Retardant Performance of MoS2
  10. A Demonstration of the Circularity Concept for Water Purification
  11. Photocatalytic activity of Gd2O2CO3·ZnO·CuO nanocomposite used for the degradation of phenanthrene
  12. A novel photoanode consisting of a p-n MoS2-SnO2 heterojunction anchored on EG was fabricated
  13. Cancer-killing biosynthesized silver nanoparticles
  14. Efficient and Cost-effective Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Dyes in Wastewater over an Exfoliated Graphite-MoO3 Nanocomposite Electrode
  15. Synthesis and Functionalization of Nanomaterials
  16. Cubic HfO2 nanostructures preparation and their ability to kill cancer cells
  17. Controlled synthesis of microsheets of ZnAl layered double hydroxides hexagonal nanoplates for efficient removal of Cr(VI) ions and anionic dye from water
  18. Sustainable one-step synthesis of hierarchical microspheres of PEGylated MoS2 nanosheets and MoO3 nanorods: Their cytotoxicity towards lung and breast cancer cells
  19. The utilization of the ionic liquid and new tellurium source for the synthesis of metal telluride
  20. Efficient removal of rhodamine 6G dye from aqueous solution using nickel sulphide incorporated polyacrylamide grafted gum karaya bionanocomposite hydrogel
  21. Heat transfer biofluids: A novel approach towards weed management
  22. Controlled microstructural hydrothermal synthesis of strontium selenides host matrices for EuII and EuIII luminescence
  23. Morphogenesis of ZnO nanostructures: role of acetate (COOH−) and nitrate (NO3−) ligand donors from zinc salt precursors in synthesis and morphology dependent photocatalytic properties
  24. ChemInform Abstract: Combined Thiourea Dioxide-Water: An Effective Reusable Catalyst for the Synthesis of Polyhydroquinolines via Hantzsch Multicomponent Coupling.
  25. ChemInform Abstract: Copper(II) trans-Bis-(glycinato): An Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for Cross Coupling of Phenols with Aryl Halides.
  26. Copper(II) trans-bis-(glycinato): an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for cross coupling of phenols with aryl halides
  27. Grafting of oxo-vanadium Schiff base on graphene nanosheets and its catalytic activity for the oxidation of alcohols
  28. Graphene oxide: an efficient and reusable carbocatalyst for aza-Michael addition of amines to activated alkenes