Photocatalytic activity of Gd2O2CO3·ZnO·CuO nanocomposite used for the degradation of phenanthrene

  • Nthambeleni Mukwevho, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders, Neeraj Kumar, Suprakas Sinha Ray, Xavier Yangkou Mbianda
  • SN Applied Sciences, October 2018, Springer Science + Business Media
  • DOI: 10.1007/s42452-018-0012-0

What is it about?

Multimetal oxides nanocomposite photocatalysts based on Gd2O2CO3·ZnO·CuO were prepared by a co-precipitation method and carefully characterized using a range of analytical techniques. he photocatalytic degradation activities of these nanocomposites towards phenanthrene were then investigated by measuring the effects of catalyst dosage, irradiation time, and oxidant addition. In addition, the pseudo first-order kinetic model was used to determine the rate constant of the degradation reaction.

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