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  1. An integrative model of consumer-based heritage destination brand equity
  2. Paradigm of new service development projects (NSDPs): “One Basket Fits all”
  3. Millennials’ purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands: influence of brand awareness and brand schematicity
  4. An integrated understanding of academics knowledge sharing behaviour
  5. Patient’s behavioral intention: public and private hospitals context
  6. Tourist’s preferences in selection of local food: perception and behavior embedded model
  7. Customer’s patronage decision toward health insurance products
  8. To predict young smokers of developing countries intention to quit smoking.
  9. Destination selection for education tourism
  10. Influence of individual factors on concern for information privacy (CFIP), a perspective from Malaysian higher educational students
  11. Edu-tourist’s perceived service quality and perception – the mediating role of satisfaction from foreign students’ perspectives
  12. Assessing organizational citizenship behaviour through constructing emotional intelligence
  13. Generation “X” and “Y” knowledge sharing behaviour
  14. Effects of workplace spirituality and trust mediated by perceived risk towards knowledge sharing behaviour
  15. Consumption values, destination cues and nostalgia on the attitude in the selection of destination for educational tourism: the mediating role of destination image
  16. Knowledge sharing behaviors among non academic staff of higher learning institutions
  17. Patient satisfaction constructs
  18. Trust and work place spirituality on knowledge sharing behaviour
  19. Residents' satisfaction of facilities provided by private apartment companies
  20. Testing Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness
  21. The impact of trust, motivation and rewards on knowledge sharing attitudes among the secondary and higher secondary level students’
  22. A comparative study of knowledge sharing pattern among the undergraduate and postgraduate students of private universities in Bangladesh
  23. Service Quality and Customers’ Patronage Decision of Healthcare Insurance Products: ?In-Depth Interview Approach
  24. Service quality and behavioural intentions in broadband services selection
  25. ‘Cradle to Grave’ Financial Literacy Programs and Money Management
  26. A Conceptual Framework for Wealth Maximization: Literacy and Planning Embedded Model
  27. Climate Change: A Review of Its Health Impact and Percieved Awareness by the Young Citizens
  28. Investigation of the Relationship of Brand Personality, Subjective Norm and Perceived Control on Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Organic Fast Food
  29. Self-service Technology for Hypermarket Checkout Stations
  30. Examining the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: A factor specific approach
  31. Malaysian Hypermarket Retailing Development and Expansion
  32. Ethics in Business: Practices by the Street Hawkers’
  33. Experience as a Marketing Tools: A Distinct Thinking under Developing Country's Consumers' Perspective
  34. A Conceptual Study on the Relationship between Service Quality towards Customer Satisfaction: Servqual and Gronroos’s Service Quality Model Perspective
  35. An Empirical Research on Conceptualisation of Relational Value
  36. A Conceptual Study on E-marketing and Its Operation on Firm's Promotion and Understanding Customer’s Response
  37. A Conceptual Study on the Country of Origin Effect on Consumer Purchase Intention
  38. A Conceptual Study on Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Broadband Services: Service Quality and Experience Economy Perspective
  39. Extended Shopping Experiences in Hypermarket
  40. Brand Image and its Impact on Consumer’s Perception: Structural Equation Modeling Approach on Young Consumer’s in Bangladesh
  41. The Impact of Hypermarket Corporate Brand Extensions on Brand Personality: A Conceptual Analysis of Malaysian Market
  42. Transformation of hypermarket retailing industry in Malaysia
  43. Dynamics of consumers' perception, demographic characteristics and consumers' behavior towards selection of a restaurant: an exploratory study on Dhaka city consumers
  44. CRM: A Conceptual Framework of Enablers and Perspectives
  45. Personality Expression Through Hypermarket Brand Extension Products
  46. Organizational politics on employee performance: an exploratory study on readymade garments employees in Bangladesh
  47. Application of Ethics in Small Enterprises: An Empirical Study on Dhaka City in Bangladesh