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  1. Exploring the Dynamics and Challenges of South Asian Migration to the Gulf Region
  2. Determinants of Entrepreneurial Risk among Young Emiratis
  3. Understanding the socio-economic characteristics and determinants of early retirees in the UAE
  4. Strategies used by migrants to prolong their sojourn in the UAE
  5. Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Summative E-Assessment for Free-Text Responses
  6. The ”Khadama Dependency Syndrome”: Determinants and prospects for the future of domestic work demand in the United Arab Emirates
  7. labour migration to United Arab Emirates
  8. How and why migrants remit through unauthorized remittance channels
  9. Comparing migration policies in Canada, Norway and the UAE
  10. fertility in the UAE
  11. Financial development and economic growth in the Middle East
  12. The effects of cultural origin on the saving behavior of immigrants
  13. The causal relationships between financial development and economic growth
  14. Differences in real interest rates and transaction costs
  15. Links among real interest rates in Gulf countries
  16. Investigating financial integration using an ex ante real interest rate