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  1. Accountability and the metaverse: unaccounted digital worlds between techwashing mechanisms and new emerging meanings
  2. The challenges of digital transformation in healthcare: An interdisciplinary literature review, framework, and future research agenda
  3. Blockchain in accounting, accountability and assurance: an overview
  4. The link between sustainable business models and Blockchain: A multiple case study approach
  5. Conclusions
  6. Digital Business Models for Industry 4.0
  7. Industry 4.0 and Its Digital Paradigms
  8. Industry 4.0 and the Emergent Business Models
  9. Strategic Innovation Driven by Digital Transformation
  10. The Integration of Digital Business Models: The Amazon Case Study
  11. Academic Moral Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Translation to Turn Crises Into Opportunities: The Case of VeniSIA
  12. Calculative practices, social movements and the rise of collective identity: how #istayathome mobilised a nation
  13. Blockchain for value creation in the healthcare sector
  14. Exploring agricultural entrepreneurship and new technologies: academic and practitioners' views
  15. Digital transformation in the healthcare sector through blockchain technology. Insights from academic research and business developments
  16. Corporate social responsibility in the retail business: A case study
  17. Hand in hand: A multistakeholder approach for co-production of surgical care
  18. Industry 4.0 and circular economy.
  19. Adopting a knowledge translation approach in healthcare co-production. A case study
  20. Smart contracts to enable sustainable business models. A case study
  21. The role of human sustainability in professional service firms. Evidence from Italy
  22. Business model transformation toward sustainability: the impact of legitimation
  23. Crypto‐economy and new sustainable business models: Reflections and projections using a case study analysis
  24. A grounded theory study for digital academic entrepreneurship
  25. Intellectual capital and performance in temporary teams
  26. Entrepreneurial universities and strategy: the case of the University of Bari
  27. Practitioners’ views on intellectual capital and sustainability
  28. Intellectual capital management in the fourth stage of IC research
  29. When the investors speak: intellectual capital disclosure and the Web 2.0
  30. On the shoulders of giants: undertaking a structured literature review in accounting
  31. Knowledge management in small and medium enterprises: a structured literature review
  32. Where there is a will there is a way
  33. Public sector knowledge management: a structured literature review
  34. The Systemic Dimension of Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
  35. The auditor as a change agent for SMEs: the role of confidence, trust and identification
  36. Shifting the paradigm of return on investment: a composite index to measure overall corporate performance
  37. Towards a Competitive Knowledge Management Strategy Approach in the University Setting