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  1. Rethinking green investment and corporate sustainability: the south European countries experiences during the COVID-19 crisis
  2. An integrated vision of electric vehicles' consumer behaviour: Mapping the practitioners to consolidate the research agenda
  3. Corporate social responsibility and technological perspectives in healthcare: An exploratory analysis of the evolution of the anti‐corruption system through multiple case studies
  4. Assessing Energy Communities’ Awareness on Social Media with a Content and Sentiment Analysis
  5. Exploring Diversity Management to Avoid Social Washing and Pinkwashing: Using Bibliometric Analysis to Shape Future Research Directions
  6. Opioid Misuse: A Review of the Main Issues, Challenges, and Strategies
  7. Behavioral Accounting: A Bibliometric Analysis of Literature Outputs in 2013–2022
  8. Antimicrobial Stewardship Strategies Including Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) for Pediatric Patients with Upper-Respiratory-Tract Infections in Primary Care: A Systematic Review of Economic Evaluations
  9. Using bibliometric analysis to map innovative business models for vertical farm entrepreneurs
  10. Performance Evaluation in the Inter-Institutional Collaboration Context of Hybrid Smart Cities
  11. Towards a hybrid model for the management of smart city initiatives
  12. Blockchain in the accounting, auditing and accountability fields: a bibliometric and coding analysis
  13. Bibliometrix analysis of medical tourism
  14. Understanding Social Impact and Value Creation in Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Italian Civil Service
  15. Does Citizen Involvement Feed on Digital Platforms?
  16. Intellectual capital-based performance improvement: a study in healthcare sector
  17. Industry 4.0 and circular economy.
  18. Impact of climate change mitigation policies on corporate financial performance
  19. Relevance in the Application of IFRS 16 for Financial Statements: Empirical Evidence the Impact of the Financial Method in SMEs
  20. Popular Financial Reporting
  21. Management of Open Innovation in Healthcare for Cost Accounting Using EHR
  22. The Popular Financial Reporting between Theory and Evidence
  23. Redefining the New Public Management and Effects of Indicators: Sustainable Healthcare Mobility
  24. L'approccio del micro-costing nell'analisi comparativa della gestione delle ulcere peptiche in fase acuta. Alcune evidenze empiriche
  25. Could shared decision making affect staying in hospital? A cross-sectional pilot study
  26. Data Quality Methods and Applications in Health Care System: A Systematic Literature Review
  27. Network among Institutions: The Case of TORINO Model
  28. The Micro-Costing Approach to Foster the Effectiveness of Decision-Making Processes in the Healthcare System–Some Empirical Evidence from the Piedmont Region
  29. Risk Management and Analytical Accounting Approach in Use of the HIV Rapid Tests in the Hospital: The Case of the Amedeo di Savoia
  30. Communication and Data Processing in Local Public Group: Transparency and Accountability
  31. The innovation of local public-sector companies: Processing big data for transparency and accountability
  32. Cost-effectiveness of HIV screening in high-income countries: A systematic review
  33. Better Life Index and Health Care Quality Indicators, Two New Instruments to Evaluate the Healthcare System
  34. Corruption and ISO 37001: A new instrument to prevent it in international entrepreneurship
  35. Popular financial reporting: Results, expense and welfare markers
  36. HIV screening in pregnant women: A systematic review of cost-effectiveness studies
  37. HIV-screening in pregnant women: a systematic review of cost-effectiveness studies
  38. The Popular Financial Reporting: Focus on Stakeholders—The first European Experience