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  1. Sustainability Risk Disclosure Practices of Listed Companies in Australia
  2. Intellectual capital, calculability and qualculation
  3. Citation classics published inKnowledge Managementjournals. Part II: studying research trends and discovering the Google Scholar Effect
  4. In Pursuit of a ‘Single Source of Truth’: from Threatened Legitimacy to Integrated Reporting
  5. Where there is a will there is a way
  6. A critical examination of implementing government sponsored intellectual capital management and reporting programs for small and medium enterprises
  7. The relational capital of micro-enterprises run by women: the startup phase
  8. Public sector knowledge management: a structured literature review
  9. New frontiers in the use of intellectual capital in the public sector
  10. IC and public sector: a structured literature review
  11. Unlocking intellectual capital
  12. Citation classics published in knowledge management journals. Part I: articles and their characteristics
  13. Material legitimacy
  14. Academic performance, publishing and peer review: peering into the twilight zone
  15. Using content analysis as a research methodology for investigating intellectual capital disclosure
  16. Sustainable Public Value Inscriptions: A Critical Approach
  17. Developing Strategy to Create a Public Value Chain
  18. Writing an article for a refereed accounting journal
  19. Reflections on interdisciplinary accounting research: the state of the art of intellectual capital
  20. A review and critique of content analysis as a methodology for inquiring into IC disclosure
  21. Professor Lee Parker’s qualitative research methods class
  22. 15 years of the Journal of Intellectual Capital and counting
  23. An intellectual capital-based differentiation theory of innovation practice
  24. Utilising narrative to improve the relevance of intellectual capital
  25. Construction of research articles in the leading interdisciplinary accounting journals
  26. The third stage of IC: towards a new IC future and beyond
  27. A critical examination of the third stage
  28. From measuring to learning? – Probing the evolutionary path of IC research and practice
  29. Implementing an intellectual capital framework in practice
  30. Intellectual capital in a recession: evidence from UK SMEs
  31. IC 21: reflections from 21 years of IC practice and theory
  32. Bullying in context: a risk management perspective
  33. Reflections and projections: A decade of Intellectual Capital Accounting Research
  34. Grand theories as barriers to using IC concepts
  35. IC and Strategy as Practice
  36. Intellectual capital and strategy development: an interventionist approach
  37. Dealing with an ageing workforce: current and future implications
  38. The qualitative research interview
  39. “Measuring for managing?” An IC practice case study
  40. Making sense of intellectual capital complexity: measuring through narrative
  41. Gri Sustainability Reporting Guidelines For Public And Third Sector Organizations
  42. A critical reflective discourse of an interventionist research project
  43. Disclosing improvements in human capital: comparing results to the rhetoric
  44. Reflecting on the production of intellectual capital visualisations
  45. Reflective discourse about intellectual capital: research and practice
  46. Intellectual capital measurement: a critical approach
  47. Narrative disclosure of intellectual capital
  48. Disturbance and implementation of IC practice: a public sector organisation perspective
  49. Intellectual capital disclosure and price‐sensitive Australian Stock Exchange announcements
  50. Intellectual Capital (IC) in PosttCommunist Economies? Is There an Alternative to Liberalism?