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  1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Management Accounting: An Exploratory Case Study
  2. Metaverse meets digital entrepreneurship: a practitioner-based qualitative synthesis
  3. Management of hydrogen mobility challenges: A systematic literature review
  4. Electric vehicles’ consumer behaviours: Mapping the field and providing a research agenda
  5. The link between sustainable business models and Blockchain: A multiple case study approach
  6. AI and Blockchain as New Triggers in the Education Arena
  7. Characteristics and patterns of care of endometrial cancer before and during COVID-19 pandemic
  8. Knowledge management and digital transformation for Industry 4.0: a structured literature review
  9. Exploring agricultural entrepreneurship and new technologies: academic and practitioners' views
  10. E-health for the future. Managerial perspectives using a multiple case study approach
  11. Towards a hybrid model for the management of smart city initiatives
  12. Blockchain in the accounting, auditing and accountability fields: a bibliometric and coding analysis
  13. Mapping waqf research: a thirty-year bibliometric analysis
  14. Halal certification impact on firms' corporate social responsibility disclosure: Evidence from the food & beverage sector in Italy
  15. The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a structured literature review
  16. Social Finance and Banking Research as a Driver for Sustainable Development: A Bibliometric Analysis
  17. Industry 4.0 and circular economy.
  18. Halal food: structured literature review and research agenda
  19. Employing bibliometric analysis to identify suitable business models for electric cars
  20. Impact of climate change mitigation policies on corporate financial performance
  21. Reflection on Coronavirus Accounting Impact on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe
  22. Management of Open Innovation in Healthcare for Cost Accounting Using EHR
  23. Data Quality Methods and Applications in Health Care System: A Systematic Literature Review
  24. Influencing Factors on Modest Fashion Market: A Case Study