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  1. Working Memory Predicts New Word Learning Over and Above Existing Vocabulary and Nonverbal IQ
  2. A Vocabulary Acquisition and Usage for Late Talkers Treatment Efficacy Study: The Effect of Input Utterance Length and Identification of Responder Profiles
  3. Successful Implicit Vocabulary Intervention for Three Cantonese-Speaking Toddlers: A Replicated Single-Case Design
  4. Exploring Input Parameters in an Expressive Vocabulary Treatment With Late Talkers
  5. Spoken Word Learning Differences Among Children With Dyslexia, Concomitant Dyslexia and Developmental Language Disorder, and Typical Development
  6. Novel Word Learning in Children Who Are Bilingual: Comparison to Monolingual Peers
  7. Working Memory Profiles of Children With Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder, or Both
  8. Phonological vulnerability for school-aged Spanish-English-speaking bilingual children
  9. Spoken word learning by children with dyslexia
  10. The Effect of Visual Variability on the Learning of Academic Concepts
  11. Word Learning Deficits in Children With Dyslexia
  12. The Role of Socioeconomic Status in the Narrative Story Retells of School-Aged English Language Learners
  13. Theoretical Principles to Guide the Teaching of Adjectives to Children Who Struggle With Word Learning: Synthesis of Experimental and Naturalistic Research With Principles of Learning Theory
  14. Effects of Steady-State Noise on Verbal Working Memory in Young Adults
  15. The Relationship Between Mathematics and Language: Academic Implications for Children With Specific Language Impairment and English Language Learners
  16. Using Ratings to Gain Insight Into Conceptual Development
  17. Factors That Influence Fast Mapping in Children Exposed to Spanish and English
  18. The Effect of Test Presentation on Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neurotypical Peers