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  1. Speckle spatial correlations aiding optical transmission matrix retrieval: the smoothed Gerchberg–Saxton single-iteration algorithm
  2. Topologically driven Rabi-oscillating interference dislocation
  3. Optical Writing and Electro-Optic Imaging of Reversible Space Charges in Semi-Insulating CdTe Diodes
  4. Experimental investigation of a non-Abelian gauge field in 2D perovskite photonic platform
  5. Managing transparency through polymer/perovskite blending: A route toward thermostable and highly efficient, semi-transparent solar cells
  6. Shaping the topology of light with a moving Rabi-oscillating vortex
  7. Tuning of the Berry curvature in 2D perovskite polaritons
  8. Dynamics of a Vortex Lattice in an Expanding Polariton Quantum Fluid
  9. Enhancement of Parametric Effects in Polariton Waveguides Induced by Dipolar Interactions
  10. Improved Photostability in Fluorinated 2D Perovskite Single Crystals
  11. A swirling tornado of liquid light
  12. Electrically tunable source of coherent polaritons.
  13. Temporal shaping and time-varying orbital angular momentum of displaced vortices
  14. Observation of Two Thresholds Leading to Polariton Condensation in 2D Hybrid Perovskites
  15. Quantum hydrodynamics of a single particle
  16. One-step synthesis at room temperature of low dimensional perovskite single crystals with high optical quality
  17. Polaritonic Neuromorphic Computing Outperforms Linear Classifiers
  18. Transverse localization of light in laser written designed disorder
  19. Measurement of the quantum geometric tensor and of the anomalous Hall drift
  20. Directional Goldstone waves in polariton condensates close to equilibrium
  21. High circular dichroism and robust performance in planar plasmonic metamaterial made of nano-comma-shaped resonators
  22. Detuning control of Rabi vortex oscillations in light-matter coupling
  23. Individual photons from an unbalanced organic-inorganic perovskite material.
  24. Self-Trapping of Exciton-Polariton Condensates in GaAs Microcavities
  25. Emerging 2D materials for room-temperature polaritonics
  26. Josephson vortices induced by phase twisting a polariton superfluid
  27. Two-dimensional hybrid perovskites sustaining strong polariton interactions at room temperature
  28. Planar chiral plasmonic 2D metamaterial: Design and fabrication
  29. Tunable Out-of-Plane Excitons in 2D Single-Crystal Perovskites
  30. Strong Coupling of Bloch Surface Wave and Excitons in Nanostrucutred Semiconductors
  31. The dynamics of a pair of same charge vortices in a nonlinear fliud
  32. First observation of the quantized exciton-polariton field and effect of interactions on a single polariton
  33. Topological order and thermal equilibrium in polariton condensates
  34. Bloch Surface Waves for MoS2 Emission Coupling and Polariton Systems
  35. Ultrastrong Plasmon–Exciton Coupling by Dynamic Molecular Aggregation
  36. Nonlinear formation of two-dimensional X-wave packets
  37. Room-temperature superfluidity in a polariton condensate
  38. Macroscopic Two-Dimensional Polariton Condensates
  39. Pulse, polarization and topology shaping of polariton fluids
  40. Vector vortex transmutations in a polariton fluid.
  41. Toward Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Hybrid Photon Gap-Plasmon States
  42. High-speed flow of interacting organic polaritons
  43. Spiraling, splitting and branching dynamics of quantum vortices in a nonlinear polariton fluid
  44. Superfluid backjet of a two dimensional polariton condensate
  45. Ultrafast polarization shaping
  46. Exciton–Plasmon Coupling Enhancement via Metal Oxidation
  47. Multicomponent polariton superfluidity in the optical parametric oscillator regime
  48. Role of Polymer in Hybrid Polymer/PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells
  49. Tailoring chiro-optical effects by helical nanowire arrangement
  50. Collective sub-picosecond oscillations of a polariton fluid
  51. Room temperature Bloch surface wave polaritons
  52. Organic surface polaritons
  53. Refractive photon management in dye sensitized solar cells
  54. Interferometric study of microchamber in large area dye solar cells
  55. Bloch Surface Waves on Dielectric Photonic Crystals for Biological Sensing
  56. Soliton and shock waves in an exciton polariton quantum pond
  57. Bright soliton and shock waves in an exciton polariton condensate
  58. Direct comparison of the performance of Bloch surface wave and surface plasmon polariton sensors
  59. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride photonic crystals for improved-performance surface electromagnetic wave biosensors
  60. Free carrier phase modulation in zinc oxide films
  61. Bragg Grating Optical Filters by UV Nanoimprinting
  62. Real time secondary antibody detection by means of silicon-based multilayers sustaining Bloch surface waves
  63. Angular response of dye solar cells
  64. Realtime antibody-antibody detection by means of Bloch surface waves on silicon-based multilayers
  65. Ultrathin waveguides for Bloch surface waves: Near-field analysis of propagation and polarization
  66. Bloch surface waves in ultrathin waveguides: near-field investigation of mode polarization and propagation
  67. Guided Bloch Surface Waves on Ultrathin Polymeric Ridges
  68. The two dimensional refraction of a surface em wave.
  69. Experimental determination of the sensitivity of Bloch Surface Waves based sensors
  70. Angular and prism coupling refractive enhancement in dye solar cells
  71. Amorphous silicon and silicon nitride channel optical waveguides
  72. Fast optical vapour sensing by Bloch surface waves on porous siliconmembranes
  73. Photocurrent enhancement of dye solar cells by efficient light management
  74. Near infrared plasmon polaritons on a transparent conductive film
  75. Visualization of surface electromagnetic waves in one-dimensional photonic crystal by fluorescence dye
  76. Thickness dependence of surface plasmon polariton dispersion in transparent conducting oxide films at 155 μm
  77. Near-field analysis of surface electromagnetic waves in the bandgap region of a polymeric grating written on a one-dimensional photonic crystal
  78. Near-field imaging of Bloch surface waves on silicon nitride one-dimensional photonic crystals
  79. A modulated relief works as a mirror to the surface em wave.
  80. Coupling of surface waves in highly defined one-dimensional porous silicon photonic crystals for gas sensing applications
  81. Second order optical nonlinearity of ZnO∕ZnO:Al bilayers deposited on glass by low temperature radio frequency sputtering
  82. Enhanced stability of the second order optical properties of high-Tg fluorinated electro-optic copolymer
  83. Modulating the optical response of a thin film across its thickness by using aplied voltage.
  84. Charge injection and trapping contributions to the electro-optic response of mesoscopic polymer systems
  85. Space charge effects in polymer-based light-emitting diodes studied by means of a polarization sensitive electroreflectance technique
  86. Dynamics of space charge distributions in side-chain PPV LEDs