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  1. Efficient fully laser-patterned flexible perovskite modules and solar cells based on low-temperature solution-processed SnO2/mesoporous-TiO2 electron transport layers
  2. Efficient light harvesting from flexible perovskite solar cells under indoor white light-emitting diode illumination
  3. Characterization of photovoltaic devices for indoor light harvesting and customization of flexible dye solar cells to deliver superior efficiency under artificial lighting
  4. Perovskite solar cells and large area modules (100 cm 2 ) based on an air flow-assisted PbI 2 blade coating deposition process
  5. Flexible Perovskite Photovoltaic Modules and Solar Cells Based on Atomic Layer Deposited Compact Layers and UV-Irradiated TiO2Scaffolds on Plastic Substrates
  6. High efficiency photovoltaic module based on mesoscopic organometal halide perovskite
  7. Electrodeposited cobalt sulfide hole collecting layer for polymer solar cells
  8. Taking Temperature Processing Out of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Fabrication: Fully Laser-Manufactured Devices
  9. High efficiency CH3NH3PbI(3−x)Clx perovskite solar cells with poly(3-hexylthiophene) hole transport layer
  10. Solid-state solar modules based on mesoscopic organometal halide perovskite: a route towards the up-scaling process
  11. Effect of electrolyte bleaching on the stability and performance of dye solar cells
  12. Progress in flexible dye solar cell materials, processes and devices
  13. A perspective on the production of dye-sensitized solar modules
  14. Outdoor and diurnal performance of large conformal flexible metal/plastic dye solar cells
  15. Fully Plastic Dye Solar Cell Devices by Low-Temperature UV-Irradiation of both the Mesoporous TiO2Photo- and Platinized Counter-Electrodes
  16. Formulations and processing of nanocrystalline TiO2 films for the different requirements of plastic, metal and glass dye solar cell applications
  17. Blending CoS and Pt for amelioration of electrodeposited transparent counterelectrodes and the efficiency of back-illuminated dye solar cells
  18. Reverse bias degradation in dye solar cells
  19. Laser processing of TiO2 films for dye solar cells: a thermal, sintering, throughput and embodied energy investigation
  20. Realization of high performance large area Z-series-interconnected opaque dye solar cell modules
  21. Angular response of dye solar cells
  22. Series-Connection Designs for Dye Solar Cell Modules
  23. Time dependence and freezing-in of the electrode oxygen plasma-induced work function enhancement in polymer semiconductor heterostructures
  24. Substrates for flexible electronics: A practical investigation on the electrical, film flexibility, optical, temperature, and solvent resistance properties
  25. Efficient sintering of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide films for dye solar cells via raster scanning laser
  26. A scalable manufacturing process for flexible active-matrix e-paper displays
  27. Contact optimization in polymer light-emitting diodes
  28. Electronic line-up in light-emitting diodes with alkali-halide/metal cathodes
  29. The influence of LiF thickness on the built-in potential of blue polymer light-emitting diodes with LiF/Al cathodes
  30. Efficient electron injection in blue-emitting polymer light-emitting diodes with LiF/Ca/Al cathodes
  31. Energy level line-up in polymer light-emitting diodes via electroabsorption spectroscopy
  32. LiF/Al cathodes and the effect of LiF thickness on the device characteristics and built-in potential of polymer light-emitting diodes
  33. Effect of poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) on the built-in field in polymer light-emitting diodes probed by electroabsorption spectroscopy
  34. Determination of the concentration of hot-carrier-induced bulk defects in laser-recrystallized polysilicon thin film transistors
  35. Built-in field electroabsorption spectroscopy of polymer light-emitting diodes incorporating a doped poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) hole injection layer
  36. Electronic states and band lineups in c-Si(100)/a- Si 1 − x C x :H heterojunctions