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  2. Subwavelength Focusing of Bloch Surface Waves
  3. Efficient method for screening potential medicaments against Alzheimer disease.
  4. Study of the dynamics of protein aggregation with a Bloch surface wave sensor
  5. The two dimensional refraction of a surface em wave.
  6. Asymmetrical excitation of surface plasmon polaritons on blazed gratings at normal incidence
  7. Optical properties of microfabricated fully-metal-coated near-field probes in collection mode
  8. Resonant grating filters at oblique incidence
  9. Measuring amplitude and phase distribution of fields generated by gratings with sub-wavelength resolution
  10. Micro-sized Fourier spectrometer
  11. Holographic optical elements (HOE) for semiconductor lasers
  12. Micro-Optics