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  1. Aquivion–Poly( N ‐vinylcarbazole) Holistic Flory–Huggins Photonic Vapor Sensors
  2. Strategies for Dielectric Contrast Enhancement in 1D Planar Polymeric Photonic Crystals
  3. Sodium Alginate Cross-Linkable Planar 1D Photonic Crystals as a Promising Tool for Pb2+ Detection in Water
  4. Polymeric Planar Microcavities Doped with a Europium Complex
  5. High Refractive Index Inverse Vulcanized Polymers for Organic Photonic Crystals
  6. Core–shell silica–rhodamine B nanosphere for synthetic opals: from fluorescence spectral redistribution to sensing
  7. Thin Polymer Films: Simple Optical Determination of Molecular Diffusion Coefficients
  8. Flory–Huggins Photonic Sensors for the Optical Assessment of Molecular Diffusion Coefficients in Polymers
  9. All-polymer methylammonium lead iodide perovskite microcavities
  10. Luminescent solar concentrators: boosted optical efficiency by polymer dielectric mirrors
  11. Black GaAs by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching
  12. Advances in Functional Solution Processed Planar 1D Photonic Crystals
  13. Colorimetric Detection of Perfluorinated Compounds by All-Polymer Photonic Transducers
  14. Engineering the Emission of Broadband 2D Perovskites by Polymer Distributed Bragg Reflectors
  15. C-Si hybrid photonic structures by full infiltration of conjugated polymers into porous silicon rugate filters
  16. Lasing from dot-in-rod nanocrystals in planar polymer microcavities
  17. All-Polymer Photonic Microcavities Doped with Perylene Bisimide J-Aggregates
  18. Photocatalyzed synthesis of isochromanones and isobenzofuranones under batch and flow conditions
  19. Directional Fluorescence Spectral Narrowing in All-Polymer Microcavities Doped with CdSe/CdS Dot-in-Rod Nanocrystals
  20. Photo-induced absorption spectra of a poly(p-phenylenevinylene) polymer with fluorinated double bonds
  21. Synthesis of Fluorescent Core-Shell Metal Nanohybrids: A Versatile Approach
  22. Label-Free Vapor Selectivity in Poly(p-Phenylene Oxide) Photonic Crystal Sensors
  23. Cellulose ternary photonic crystal created by solution processing
  24. SERS Amplification from Self-Organized Arrays of Plasmonic Nanocrescents
  25. In-plane anisotropic photoresponse in all-polymer planar microcavities
  26. Demonstration of fluorescence enhancement via Bloch surface waves in all-polymer multilayer structures
  27. High definition conductive carbon films from solution processing of nitrogen-containing oligomers
  28. A Multi‐optical Collector of Sunlight Employing Luminescent Materials and Photonic Nanostructures
  29. High refractive index hyperbranched polyvinylsulfides for planar one-dimensional all-polymer photonic crystals
  30. Polymer Distributed Bragg Reflectors for Vapor Sensing
  31. Hybrid ZnO:polystyrene nanocomposite for all-polymer photonic crystals
  32. Fluorescence excitation enhancement by Bloch surface wave in all-polymer one-dimensional photonic structure
  33. Tailoring of linear response from plasmonic nano-resonators grown on a polystyrene
  34. Optical Properties and Electronic States in Anisotropic Conjugated Polymers: Intra- and Interchain Effects
  35. Room temperature Bloch surface wave polaritons
  36. Distributed Bragg reflectors: Morphology of cellulose acetate and polystyrene multilayers
  37. Tailoring of the circular dichroism produced by Au covered self-ordered dielectric nanospheres
  38. Second Harmonic Generation: Second Harmonic Generation Circular Dichroism from Self‐Ordered Hybrid Plasmonic–Photonic Nanosurfaces (Advanced Optical Materials 3/2014)
  39. Lasing from all-polymer microcavities
  40. Strong coupling between excitons in organic semiconductors and Bloch surface waves
  41. Photochromic and photomechanical responses of an amorphous diarylethene-based polymer: a spectroscopic ellipsometry investigation of ultrathin films
  42. Room Temperature Bloch Surface Wave Polaritons
  43. Second Harmonic Generation Circular Dichroism from Self‐Ordered Hybrid Plasmonic–Photonic Nanosurfaces
  44. Fluorescent polystyrene photonic crystals self-assembled with water-soluble conjugated polyrotaxanes
  45. Measurement of the circular dichroism in the second harmonic optical signal produced by Au covered self ordered dielectric nanospheres
  46. Hybrid Plasmonic–Photonic Nanostructures: Gold Nanocrescents Over Opals
  47. Photoactive spherical colloids for opal photonic crystals
  48. PTFE–PMMA core–shell colloidal particles as building blocks for self‐assembled opals: synthesis, properties and optical response
  49. Self‐Assembly of Polyelectrolytes for Photonic Crystal Applications
  50. Preparation, properties and self-assembly behavior of PTFE based core-shell nanospheres
  51. Preparation, Properties, and Self-Assembly Behavior of PTFE-Based Core-Shell Nanospheres
  52. Directional Enhancement of Spontaneous Emission in Polymer Flexible Microcavities
  53. Directional Photoluminescence Enhancement in Organic Flexible Microcavities
  54. Polarized pressure dependence of the anisotropic dielectric functions of highly oriented poly(p-phenylene vinylene)
  55. Spectroscopic Investigation of Artificial Opals Infiltrated with a Heteroaromatic Quadrupolar Dye
  56. Tuning optical properties of opal photonic crystals by structural defects engineering
  57. Raman Spectra of Poly(p‐phenylenevinylene)s with Fluorinated Vinylene Units: Evidence of Inter‐ring Distortion
  58. Highly oriented poly(paraphenylene vinylene): Polarized optical spectroscopy under pressure
  59. Amplified spontaneous emission from opal photonic crystals engineered with structural defects
  60. In situ tuning of a photonic band gap with laser pulses
  61. Emission properties of artificial opals infiltrated with a heteroaromatic quadrupolar dye
  62. Light Localization Effect on the Optical Properties of Opals Doped with Gold Nanoparticles
  63. One Dimensional Polymeric Organic Photonic Crystals for DFB Lasers
  64. Colloidal Photonic Crystals Doped with Gold Nanoparticles: Spectroscopy and Optical Switching Properties
  65. Anisotropic photoluminescence properties of oriented poly( p -phenylene-vinylene) films: Effects of dispersion of optical constants
  66. Interchain interactions in charged diacetylenic oligomers carrying bulk substituents revisited
  67. Optical effects in artificial opals infiltrated with gold nanoparticles
  68. Polarized optical and photoluminescence properties of highly oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  69. Band structure and optical properties of opal photonic crystals
  70. Interferometric determination of the anisotropic refractive index dispersion of poly-(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  71. Supramolecular Properties of Polymers for Plastic Electronics
  72. Self-Organization of Polystyrenes into Ordered Microstructured Films and Their Replication by Soft Lithography
  73. Influence of Interchain Interactions on the Electronic Properties of Neutral and Charged Oligodiacetylenes Carrying Bulk Substituents
  74. Polarized photoluminescence of highly oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  75. Spectroscopical and photophysical investigations on polydiacetylenes with different ordering of the A g and B u excited states
  76. Morphology, band structure, and optical properties of artificial opals
  77. Theoretical Investigation of the Charge Injection Effects on the Electronic Properties of Substituted Oligodiacetylenes
  78. Real-time observation of coherent nuclear motion in polydiacetylene isolated chains
  79. Triplet excitons in acyl- and alkyl-substituted polycarbazolyldiacetylenes: A spectroscopical and photophysical study
  80. Optical Properties of Polystyrene Opals Infiltrated with Cyanine Dyes in the form of J-Aggregates
  81. Preface
  82. The photophysics of triplet excitons in substituted polycarbazolyldiacetylenes
  83. Morphology and optical properties of bare and polydiacetylenes-infiltrated opals
  84. Photoinduced absorption spectra in polydiacetylenes for non linear optical applications
  85. Interchain interactions in oligodiacetylene aggregates
  86. Optical and Spectroscopic Properties of Conjugated Polymers
  87. Growth and optical studies of opal films as three-dimensional photonic crystals
  88. Nonlinear optical response of a polycarbazolyldiacetylene film through femtosecond two-photon spectroscopy
  89. Optical and electronic properties of neutral and charged oligodiacetylene clustersPresented at the LANMAT 2001 Conference on the Interaction of Laser Radiation with Matter at Nanoscopic Scales: From Single Molecule Spectroscopy to Materials Processing,...
  90. Polydiacetylenes for photonic application: chemical modulation of optical properties
  91. Third order optical characterisation of a π-conjugated polydiacetylene by Maker fringes technique
  92. Triplet-Exciton Generation Mechanism in a New Soluble (Red-Phase) Polydiacetylene
  93. Optical properties of highly oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  94. Orientation of thin films of conjugated systems by different techniques
  95. Soluble polydiacetylenes: molecular properties and solid state organization
  96. Theoretical calculations of the geometries and of the lowest optical transitions of singly and doubly charged oligodiacetylenes
  97. Orientation of Polydiacetylene and Poly(p-phenylene ethynylene) Films by Epitaxy and Rubbing
  98. Two-Photon Spectroscopy of π-Conjugated Polymers:  The Case of Poly[1,6-bis(3,6-dihexadecyl-N-carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne] (PolyDCHD-HS)
  99. Theoretical absorption spectra of charged oligodiacetylenes
  100. The anisotropical optical spectra of highly stretch-oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  101. Optical and electronic properties of thin PDAs films with very narrow excitonic bandwidth
  102. Solution spectroscopic properties of polyDCHD-HS: a novel highly soluble polydiacetylene
  103. Optical Studies of Artificial Opals as 3D Photonic Crystals
  104. Sub-10 fs excited state evolution in polycarbazolyldiacetylene–polyethylene blends
  105. Dielectric, Raman, calorimetric and X-ray diffraction studies of a polycarbazolyldiacetylene
  106. Experimental and theoretical studies of the anisotropical complex dielectric constant of highly stretch-oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  107. Optical properties of films of polycarbazolyldiacetylene PDCHD-HS for photonic applications
  108. Solvation Effects and Inhomogeneous Broadening in Optical Spectra of Phenol Blue
  109. Linear and nonlinear characterization of polyDCHD-HS films
  110. Films of a novel polydiacetylene for photonics studies
  111. Optical constants of highly stretch-oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene): A joint experimental and theoretical study
  112. Chemical modulation of the electronic properties of polydiacetylenes
  113. The spin signature of charged photoexcitations in carbazolyl substituted polydiacetylene
  114. Triplet exciton generation and decay in a red polydiacetylene studied by femtosecond spectroscopy
  115. Supramolecular organization in the solid state of a novel soluble polydiacetylene
  116. Excited states of polydiacetylene oligomers
  117. New evidence of long-lived photoexcited charged states in thin films of PDA-4BCMU
  118. A novel processable polydiacetylene for photonics studies
  119. Dielectric studies on conjugated polymers
  120. Singlet Fission in Luminescent and Nonluminescent II-conjugated Polymers
  121. Photoexcitations in carbazolyl substituted polydiacetylene (PDA) fullerene composites
  122. Nature of long-lived photoexcited states in polydiacetylenes: the photoinduced absorption spectra of PDA-4BCMU
  123. Quantum Chemical Calculations of the Electronic States and Fluorescence Properties of Carbazolyl- and Carbazolylmethylene-Substituted Diacetylenes
  124. ChemInform Abstract: Vibrational Properties of Novel Diacetylenic Monomers.
  125. Polarized reflectivity spectra of stretch-oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
  126. Polarization properties of a novel oriented polydiacetylene
  127. Photoinduced absorption spectra of poly[1,6-di(N-carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne] (polyDCHD) by excitation on the carbazole group
  128. Long-lived photoexcited states in polydiacetylenes: The photoinduced-absorption spectra of PDA-4BCMU
  129. Vibrational properties of novel diacetylenic monomers
  130. Photoexcitations of polycarbazolyldiacetylenes in different time domains
  131. Long-lived photoexcited states in polydiacetylenes with different molecular and supramolecular organization
  132. Optical properties of potassium acid phthalate
  133. Characterization of poly(3-decylmethoxythiophene) multilayers
  134. Optical properties of epitaxially grown poly[1,6-di(N-carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne]
  135. Mechanism of carrier generation in conducting polymers
  136. Fast Transient “Photoconductivity” in Semiconducting Polymers: Free Carrier Photocurrent or Displacement Current Generated by Electric-Field-Induced Polarization of Bound Excitons?
  137. Effect of interchain separation on the photoinduced absorption spectra of polycarbazolyldiacetylenes
  138. Preparation and characterization of 14-[3,6-(didodecyl)-N-carbazolyl]tetradeca-10,12-diynoic acid LB multilayers
  139. Photoinduced absorption of oriented poly[1,6-di( N -carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne]
  140. Synthesis and optical properties of a novel soluble polycarbazolyldiacetylene
  141. Photoexcited states in epitaxially oriented polydiacetylene films
  142. Photoexcitation studies in poly[1,6-di(N-carbazolyl)-2,4-hexadiyne]. Correlation of spectral features with the degree of order in polycrystalline samples
  143. Ultrafast exciton dynamics in highly oriented polydiacetylene films
  144. Optical properties and long-lived charged photoexcitations in polydiacetylenes
  145. Photoexcitations in Polydiacetylenes
  146. Femtosecond and continuous-wave photoexcitations of thiophene-based conjugated polymers
  147. Long-lived photoexcited states in symmetrical polydicarbazolyldiacetylene
  148. Femtosecond transient bleaching decay in poly(alkyl-thiophene-vinylene)s in solution and in film
  149. Electronic and geometric defects in doped PPS oligomers
  150. Photoexcitations in polycarbazolyldiacetylenes in different time regimes
  151. Optical properties and long-lived carrier generation efficiency in oriented polyacetylene
  152. Long-Lived Defects In Polycarbazolyld1 Acetylenes. Photoinduced Vis And Infrared Spectra
  153. Interchain interactions in polyacetylene: Optical properties and photoconductive response
  154. Optical properties and photoinduced absorptions in unsymmetrical polycarbazolydiacetylenes
  155. Photoexcitations in polycarbazolyldiacetylenes
  156. Optical Transitions and Photoconductivity in Oriented Trans-Polyacetylene
  157. Pump polarization anisotropy with above and below gap excitation in oriented (CH)x
  158. Optical properties of highly oriented fibrous polyacetylene
  159. Excited state evolution in polydiacetylene studied by sub-10-fs time resolved spectroscopy
  160. Ultrafast excition dynamics in highly oriented polydiacetylene DCHD films