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  1. Dissemination Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Tutorial
  2. Prologue: Implementation Science in CSD and Starting Where You Are
  3. A Randomized Controlled Trial Investigating Online Training for Prelinguistic Communication
  4. Implementation Research: Embracing Practitioners' Views
  5. Moving Triadic Gaze Intervention Into Practice: Measuring Clinician Attitude and Implementation Fidelity
  6. Bridging Research and Practice
  7. Practice-based research is a way to value clinical decision making in everyday contexts.
  8. Triadic Gaze Intervention for Young Children With Physical Disabilities
  9. Validating Dynamic Assessment of Triadic Gaze for Young Children With Severe Disabilities
  10. Variability in Classroom Social Communication: Performance of Children With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Typically Developing Peers
  11. Development of the Communication Complexity Scale
  12. Observation of Classroom Social Communication: Do Children With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Spend Their Time Differently Than Their Typically Developing Peers?