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  1. How a Power Differential Between Clinicians and Researchers Contributes to the Research-to-Practice Gap
  2. Dissemination Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Tutorial
  3. Knowledge Brokering in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  4. Planning for Implementation Science in Clinical Practice Research: An Augmentative and Alternative Communication Example
  5. Implementation Science Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Scoping Review
  6. Positive Changes in Certified Nursing Assistants' Communication Behaviors With People With Dementia: Feasibility of a Coaching Strategy
  7. Positive Culture Change in Long-Term Care: A Procedure to Enhance Speech-Language Pathologist–Certified Nursing Assistant Collaboration
  8. Certified Nursing Assistants Want to Use External Memory Aids for Residents With Dementia: Survey Results Within an Implementation Science Framework
  9. Supporting evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology: A review of implementation strategies for promoting health professional behavior change
  10. Implementation Science: Buzzword or Game Changer?
  11. Creating Positive Environments in Skilled Nursing Facilities to Support Best Practice Implementation: An Overview and Practical Suggestions
  12. Perceptions of Speech-Language Pathologists Linked to Evidence-Based Practice Use in Skilled Nursing Facilities
  13. Treatment Fidelity: Its Importance and Reported Frequency in Aphasia Treatment Studies