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  1. Can Closed-Set Word Recognition Differentially Assess Vowel and Consonant Perception for School-Age Children With and Without Hearing Loss?
  2. Masked-Speech Recognition for Linguistically Diverse Populations: A Focused Review and Suggestions for the Future
  3. Online Simulation Education for Audiometry Training
  4. A Simplified Approach to Quantifying a Child's Bilingual Language Experience
  5. Does Sentence-Level Coarticulation Affect Speech Recognition in Noise or a Speech Masker?
  6. The Clear-Speech Benefit for School-Age Children: Speech-in-Noise and Speech-in-Speech Recognition
  7. Masked English Speech Recognition Performance in Younger and Older Spanish–English Bilingual and English Monolingual Children
  8. Effects of Language History on Sentence Recognition in Noise or Two-Talker Speech: Monolingual, Early Bilingual, and Late Bilingual Speakers of English
  9. Language Proficiency and Dominance Considerations When Working With Spanish–English Bilingual Adults
  10. Does the semantic content or syntactic regularity of masker speech affect speech-on-speech recognition?
  11. Masked Speech Recognition and Reading Ability in School-Age Children: Is There a Relationship?
  12. Development and validation of Portable Automated Rapid Testing (PART) measures for auditory research
  13. Spectral integration of English speech for non-native English speakers
  14. Effectiveness of Two-Talker Maskers That Differ in Talker Congruity and Perceptual Similarity to the Target Speech
  15. Linguistic Masking Release in School-Age Children and Adults
  16. The effect of presentation level on spectral weights for sentences
  17. Effects of Low-Pass Filtering on the Perception of Word-Final Plurality Markers in Children and Adults With Normal Hearing
  18. Increase in Speech Recognition due to Linguistic Mismatch Between Target and Masker Speech: Monolingual and Simultaneous Bilingual Performance
  19. Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Pediatric Spanish–English Speech Perception Task
  20. Nonnative English Speaker Performance on the Basic English Lexicon (BEL) Sentences
  21. Masking Release Due to Linguistic and Phonetic Dissimilarity Between the Target and Masker Speech
  22. New Sentence Recognition Materials Developed Using a Basic Non-Native English Lexicon
  23. The Effectiveness of Clear Speech as a Masker