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  1. A Comparison of Behavioral Methods for Indexing the Auditory Processing of Temporal Fine Structure Cues
  2. Normative Data for a Rapid, Automated Test of Spatial Release From Masking
  3. Energetic and informational masking effects of hospital noise
  4. Reliability and Repeatability of the Speech Cue Profile
  5. Development and validation of Portable Automated Rapid Testing (PART) measures for auditory research
  6. Validating a Rapid, Automated Test of Spatial Release From Masking
  7. Hearing complaints among veterans following traumatic brain injury
  8. The role of interaural differences on speech intelligibility in complex multi-talker environmentsa)
  9. The Characteristics of Adults with Severe Hearing Loss
  10. The Benefits of Increased Sensation Level and Bandwidth for Spatial Release From Masking
  11. Release from masking for small spatial separations: Effects of age and hearing loss
  12. On the Contribution of Target Audibility to Performance in Spatialized Speech Mixtures
  13. Using detection theory to analyze human decision making and sensory processing
  14. Verification of an automated headphone-based test of spatial release from masking
  15. Effects of Hearing and Aging on Sentence-Level Time-Gated Word Recognition
  16. Individual Sensitivity to Spectral and Temporal Cues in Listeners With Hearing Impairment
  17. Temporal Resolution With a Prescriptive Fitting Formula
  18. Independent impacts of age and hearing loss on spatial release in a complex auditory environment
  19. The Consonant-Weighted Envelope Difference Index (cEDI): A Proposed Technique for Quantifying Envelope Distortion
  20. Application of the Envelope Difference Index to Spectrally Sparse Speech
  21. Amplification and Consonant Modulation Spectra
  22. The impacts of age and absolute threshold on binaural lateralization
  23. Exploring the Role of the Modulation Spectrum in Phoneme Recognition
  24. Informational masking increases the costs of monitoring multiple channels
  25. The extent to which a position-based explanation accounts for binaural release from informational masking
  26. Task-dependent costs in processing two simultaneous auditory stimuli
  27. The ability to listen with independent ears
  28. The advantage of knowing where to listen
  29. Informational masking for simultaneous nonspeech stimuli: Psychometric functions for fixed and randomly mixed maskers
  30. Binaural release from informational masking in a speech identification task
  31. Combining energetic and informational masking for speech identification
  32. Binaural release from informational masking: Results from a speech identification task
  33. Informational Masking