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  1. Masked-Speech Recognition for Linguistically Diverse Populations: A Focused Review and Suggestions for the Future
  2. A Simplified Approach to Quantifying a Child's Bilingual Language Experience
  3. Masked English Speech Recognition Performance in Younger and Older Spanish–English Bilingual and English Monolingual Children
  4. Child heritage speakers’ production and comprehension of direct object clitic gender in Spanish
  5. The Relationship Between Culture, Quality of Life, and Stigma in Hispanic New Mexicans With Dysphagia: A Preliminary Investigation Using Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  6. Effects of Home Language, Oral Language Skills, and Cross-Linguistic Phonological Abilities on Whole-Word Proximity in Spanish-English–Speaking Children
  7. Code-Switching in Highly Proficient Spanish/English Bilingual Adults: Impact on Masked Word Recognition
  8. Classification Accuracy of Nonword Repetition When Used With Preschool-Age Spanish-Speaking Children
  9. Response to Dynamic Language Tasks Among Typically Developing Latino Preschool Children With Bilingual Experience
  10. Predicting Spanish–English Bilingual Children’s Language Abilities
  11. Classification Accuracy of Brief Parent Report Measures of Language Development in Spanish-Speaking Toddlers
  12. Measurement Properties and Classification Accuracy of Two Spanish Parent Surveys of Language Development for Preschool-Age Children