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  1. An overview of sustainable business models for innovation in Swedish agri-food production
  2. Business model innovation in the agri-food sector: a literature review
  3. Management Development in Small Firms
  4. Synergies between SMEs and universities for ISO 14001 certification
  5. Managerial strategies
  6. Managerial behaviour in small firms
  7. University professors and early stage research commercialisation
  8. Business simulation exercises in small business management education
  9. The relationship between the manager and growth
  10. Product Development in SMEs
  11. managerial learning in small firm networks
  12. Learning themes in the small-business literature
  13. What do owner-managers in small firms really do?
  14. Towards inter-organisational empowerment
  15. A learning network as a development method
  16. Learning Networks
  17. The Development of a Network of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises