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  1. Connecting the past with the present: the development of research on pedagogy in entrepreneurial education
  2. Experiential and conceptual learning in accounting education
  3. Promoting water-related innovation through networked acceleration: Insights from the Water Innovation Accelerator
  4. Boards and Value Creation in Family Firms : An Extended Team Production Approach
  5. Configurations of Capacity for Change in Entrepreneurial Threshold Firms: Imprinting and Strategic Choice Perspectives
  6. Modes of learning and entrepreneurial knowledge
  7. Categorization and Analysis of Academic Patents: Developing a Framework to Examine Differences in Technology, Opportunity, and Commercialization Characteristics
  8. Categorization and Analysis of Academic Patents: Developing a Framework to Examine Differences in Technology, Opportunity, and Commercialization Characteristics
  9. Board characteristics and IPO underpricing across the world
  10. Sustainable high-growth entrepreneurship: A study of rapidly growing firms in the Scania region
  11. Developments and trends in research on board leadership: a systematic literature review
  12. Board structures and board behaviour: a cross-country comparison of privately held SMEs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway
  13. Management Development in Small Firms
  14. Patents and entrepreneurship: the impact of opportunity, motivation and ability
  15. Early-stage finance and the role of external entrepreneurs in the commercialization of university-generated knowledge
  16. Work experience and the generation of new business ideas among entrepreneurs
  17. University professors and early stage research commercialisation
  18. Mind the gap and bridge the gap: research excellence and diffusion of academic knowledge in Sweden
  19. Business simulation exercises in small business management education
  20. Career motives and entrepreneurial decision-making: examining preferences for causal and effectual logics in the early stage of new ventures
  21. Entrepreneurs' attitudes towards failure
  22. Toward a Behavioral Theory of Boards and Corporate Governance
  23. International Activities in Small Firms: Examining Factors Influencing the Internationalization and Export Growth of Small Firms
  24. Improving corporate governance practices
  25. Context, behaviour and evolution
  26. How boards contribute to value creation
  27. Board control and innovation
  28. Correlates of Board Empowerment in Small Companies
  29. Born Globals' foreign market channel strategies
  30. Corporate Innovation and Competitive Environment
  31. The venture capitalist and the board of directors in SMEs: Roles and processes
  32. Boards of directors in small and medium-sized industrial firms: examining the effects of the board's working style on board task performance
  33. Prediction or Control? Exploring the Influence of Career Experience and Career Motives on Entrepreneurial Decision Making
  34. Entrepreneurship and technological innovation: the influence of uncertainty and entrepreneurial ability on innovation speed in new technology start-ups
  35. Academic entrepreneurship: multi-level factors associated with female-led incubator projects
  36. Governance Theory: Origins and Implications for Researching Boards and Governance in Entrepreneurial Firms
  37. Corporate governance and initial public offerings in Sweden
  38. Entrepreneurial Learning and Innovation