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  1. Exploring how Environmental, Social, and Governance frameworks can address biodiversity loss
  2. From Pseudo to Genuine Sustainability Education: Ecopedagogy and Degrowth in Business Studies Courses
  3. Shallow vs. Deep Geoethics: Moving Beyond Anthropocentric Views
  4. Sustainable Business: Key Issues
  5. New strategic thinking
  6. Social and economic challenges
  7. Globalization and business
  8. Conservation, Animal Wellbeing, and Indigenous Participation at an Elephant Sanctuary
  9. Population, poverty, environment
  10. Examining the feasibility of circular economy in the food industry
  11. Uniting Ecocentric and Animal Ethics in relation to Conservation and Domestic Animals
  12. Harmony in Conservation
  13. Exploring attitudes to biodiversity conservation and Half-Earth vision in Nigeria: A preliminary study of community attitudes to conservation in Yankari Game Reserve
  14. “Nature's contributions to people” and peoples' moral obligations to nature
  15. Socially responsible consumption: Between social welfare and degrowth
  16. Critical Evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals and Circular Economy in (Business) Education: Reflections on a Long-Term Sustainability Strategy of Degrowth
  17. Limits to Sustainable Development Goals: Discussing Lessons from Case Studies in (Un)sustainable Production
  18. (Im)possibilities of “circular” production: Learning from corporate case studies of (un)sustainability
  19. Protecting Half the Planet and Transforming Human Systems Are Complementary Goals
  20. Exploring posthuman ethics: opening new spaces for postqualitative inquiry within pedagogies of the circular economy
  21. The Trouble with Anthropocentric Hubris, with Examples from Conservation
  22. The role of ecotourism in nature needs half vision
  23. Introduction
  24. Biomimicry education as a vehicle for circular design
  25. Circular Economy
  26. Education for Sustainable Development Goals, its limitations, and alternatives
  27. Introducing a collection of essays on ecocentric education
  28. Ecocentric ethical rationales are needed for biodiversity conservation policies and practices.
  29. A climate change mitigation through organizing community-based energy projects.
  30. Search for heavy Higgs bosons decaying to a top quark pair in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  31. Biomimicry design thinking education: a base-line exercise in preconceptions of biological analogies
  32. The debate about compassionate conservation is about whether to recognize nonhuman personhood.
  33. Performance of the reconstruction and identification of high-momentum muons in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV
  34. Critical pedagogy: Business students learning from A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
  35. Strategic thinking on economic development, population, poverty, and ecological sustainability
  36. Combined search for supersymmetry with photons in proton-proton collisions at s=13 TeV
  37. Search for top squark pair production in a final state with two tau leptons in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  38. Search for production of four top quarks in final states with same-sign or multiple leptons in proton–proton collisions at $$\sqrt{s}=13$$ $$\,\text {TeV}$$
  39. Search for Supersymmetry with a Compressed Mass Spectrum in Events with a Soft τ Lepton, a Highly Energetic Jet, and Large Missing Transverse Momentum in Proton-Proton Collisions at s=13  TeV
  40. Multiparticle correlation studies in pPb collisions at sNN=8.16 TeV
  41. Critical evaluation of education for sustainable development goals
  42. Conservation: Integrating Social and Ecological Justice
  43. Of elephants and men
  44. Search for long-lived particles using delayed photons in proton-proton collisions at s=13  TeV
  45. Constraints on anomalous HVV couplings from the production of Higgs bosons decaying to τ lepton pairs
  46. Search for Low-Mass Quark-Antiquark Resonances Produced in Association with a Photon at s=13  TeV
  47. Measurement of the differential Drell-Yan cross section in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{\mathrm{s}} $$ = 13 TeV
  48. Measurements of differential Z boson production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  49. Search for anomalous triple gauge couplings in WW and WZ production in lepton + jet events in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  50. Business Students Learning Active Citizenship from Environmentalists
  51. Combination of CMS searches for heavy resonances decaying to pairs of bosons or leptons
  52. Measurements of triple-differential cross sections for inclusive isolated-photon+jet events in $$\mathrm{p}\mathrm{p}$$ collisions at $$\sqrt{s} = 8\,\text {TeV} $$
  53. Search for MSSM Higgs bosons decaying to μ+μ− in proton-proton collisions at s=13TeV
  54. Search for anomalous electroweak production of vector boson pairs in association with two jets in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV
  55. Search for supersymmetry using Higgs boson to diphoton decays at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  56. Search for the production of four top quarks in the single-lepton and opposite-sign dilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at $$ \sqrt{s} $$ = 13 TeV
  57. Chapter from book East to West Migration
  58. a chapter from East to West Migration
  59. a chapter from East to West Migration
  60. a chapter from East to West Migration
  61. East to West Migration
  62. Ethical Approaches to Conservation
  63. Conclusion—A Just World for Life?
  64. Should Justice for People Come Before Justice for the Environment? Examining Students’ Reflections on Environmental Ethics
  65. Party for Animals: Introducing Students to Democratic Representation of Nonhumans
  66. Using a circular economy and Cradle to Cradle case studies in business education
  67. Ecocentric Education: Student Reflections on Anthropocentrism–Ecocentrism Continuum and Justice
  68. Teaching circular economy, identifying greenwashing and best case studies
  69. Ecocentric Education: definitions, concepts, applications
  70. What is the prevalence and characteristics of ecocentric education?
  71. Ecocentric Education
  72. Anthropocentrism: Practical remedies needed
  73. Just preservation and the Half-Earth View
  74. Exploration of treatment of plants and sustainability in the cities
  75. Ecological justice in conservation
  76. Book review The nature of spectacle by Jim Igoe
  77. The role of imagination in emergent career agency
  78. How can a dialogue support teachers’ professional identity development? Harmonising multiple teacher I-positions
  79. Sustainable Business: Key Issues (second edition)
  80. Chapter from a book Sustainable Business: Key issues
  81. Chapter from a book Sustainable Business: Key issues
  82. Chapter from a book Sustainable Business: Key issues
  83. Introduction to Sustainable Business
  84. Business ethics
  85. Chapter form the book Sustainable Business: Key Issues
  86. Chapter form the book Sustainable Business: Key Issues
  87. Towards a circular economy: Chapter form the book Sustainable Business: Key Issues
  88. A chapter from the book Sustainable Business: Key issues
  89. Discussing why ecocentric ethic is most suitable for the practical task of conservation
  90. Process description of a dialogue-focused intervention to improve career guidance policy in three schools
  91. correction to article The ‘future of conservation’ debate'
  92. Anthropocentrism is a bigger problem than some philosophers have assumed
  93. “The ‘future of conservation’ debate
  94. Circular economy and Cradle to Cradle in educational practice
  95. Teaching undergraduate course on circular economy
  96. Justice in conservation
  97. Teaching circular economy
  98. Teaching students about Circular Economy and overcoming greenwashing
  99. Teaching About Sustainable Production and Consumption
  100. Dialogical Self Theory in Education: An Introduction
  101. The development of strong career learning environments: the project ‘Career Orientation and Guidance’ in Dutch vocational education
  102. Conservation that integrates social and ecological Justice
  103. Testing ecocentric and anthropocentric values in students
  104. Engaging with violence and animal rights in anthropology
  105. Application of Environmental Attitudes Measuring Scale
  106. New school for the old school: career guidance and counselling in education
  107. Testing environmental values scale
  108. Testing Ecocentric and Anthropocentric Attitudes toward the Sustainable Development (EAATSD) scale
  109. If we want a whole Earth, Nature Needs Half
  110. Human nature and sustainability
  111. Teaching about Sustainable Development Goals: Critical approach
  112. New school for the old school: career guidance and counselling in education
  113. Education for sustainability
  114. Collective learning, transformational leadership and new forms of careers guidance in universities
  115. Envisioning futures for environmental and sustainability education
  116. A Dialogue Worth Having: Vocational Competence, Career Identity and a Learning Environment for Twenty-First Century Success at Work
  117. Creative writing for life design: Reflexivity, metaphor and change processes through narrative
  118. Culture and Conservation: Beyond Anthropocentrism
  119. Selling nature: a good idea for conservation?
  120. Addressing ethical questions in conservation
  121. Explaining discrepancies between teacher beliefs and teacher interventions in a problem-based learning environment: A mixed methods study
  122. Teacher interventions in a problem-based hospitality management programme
  123. Is self-reflection dangerous? Preventing rumination in career learning
  124. Dichotomies between nature and culture or humans and environment: good or bad?
  125. Discussing dichotomies between nature and culture with colleagues
  126. Towards a strong career learning environment: results from a Dutch longitudinal study
  127. Environmental Anthropology
  128. Exploring cooperation between NGO and corporation: can sustainability and business be combined?
  129. Wild Animals and Justice
  130. Performance of the new DAQ system of the CMS experiment for run-2
  131. Asthma and Air Pollution
  132. Teaching circular economy
  133. Sustainable business: what should it be? Circular economy and the ‘business of subversion’
  134. Why silence on population growth?
  135. Neoliberalism and justice in education for sustainable development
  136. Of big hegemonies and little tigers: Ecocentrism and environmental justice
  137. Vehicular air pollution and asthma
  138. Environmental Identity and Natural Resources:
  139. Erratum to “Reconciling Social and Biological Justice” [Biological Conservation 184 (2015) 320–326]
  140. Challenging economic development
  141. Reflection on debate "Justice for people must come before justice for the environment"
  142. Energy Policy in the European Union: Renewable Energy and the Risks of Subversion
  143. Professionalising teachers in career dialogue: an effect study
  144. A New Event Builder for CMS Run II
  145. A scalable monitoring for the CMS Filter Farm based on elasticsearch
  146. Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, and Deep Ecology in Environmental Education
  147. Culture and Conservation
  148. The victims of unsustainability: a challenge to sustainable development goals
  149. Sustainability: new strategies for business
  150. The CMS Timing and Control Distribution System
  151. Neoliberalism, pluralism and environmental education
  152. Love of nature (biophilia) in different cultures
  153. Sustainability: Key Issues is a comprehensive introductory textbook
  154. What is more sustainable: paper or digital reading materials?
  155. Achieving High Performance With TCP Over 40 GbE on NUMA Architectures for CMS Data Acquisition
  156. The New CMS DAQ System for Run-2 of the LHC
  157. Urban sustainability: Discussing wild greenery
  158. How to combine social justice and ecological justice
  159. Discussing film about the radical environmental movement with business students.
  160. Exploring how business students relate to nature and economic develoment
  161. Career writing as a dialogue about work experience: A recipe for luck readiness?
  162. Tiger conservation and democratic decision-making
  163. Book review ‘The World Hunt: An Environmental History of the Commodification of Animals’
  164. Anthropocentrism (human-centerdness) critique
  165. Discussing sustainability, nature and economic development
  166. Review of our book Environmental anthropology: Future directions by Tracey Heatherington
  167. How can education for sustainable development take environment into consideration
  168. Environmental ethics in relation to environmental education
  169. Discussing justice between species in education
  170. Sustainability in environmental education: new strategic thinking
  171. Career learning and career learning environment in Dutch higher education
  172. Sustainable Business
  173. Future scenarios in environment and education
  174. Testing times: careers market policies and practices in England and the Netherlands
  175. Career writing: Creative, expressive and reflective approaches to narrative identity formation in students in higher education
  176. Animals in Dutch media
  177. 10 Gbps TCP/IP streams from the FPGA for High Energy Physics
  178. Automating the CMS DAQ
  179. Prototype of a File-Based High-Level Trigger in CMS
  180. The new CMS DAQ system for LHC operation after 2014 (DAQ2)
  181. Children's ideas about sustainable development and environmental ethics
  182. Achieving high performance with TCP over 40GbE on NUMA architectures for CMS data acquisition
  183. Education for sustainable development
  184. Discussing ‘Nature’ and ‘Development’ with Students of Sustainable Business
  185. Christmas shopping, consumption and the challenge of sustainability
  186. Professionalizing Teachers in Career Dialogue: Effect Study
  187. Discussing radical environmentalism with business students
  188. Nature-culture relationship and ethics
  189. Paradoxes of Sustainable Development
  190. Maurice Godelier's Metamorphoses of Kinship
  191. Urban planning, arks and sustainability
  192. The effects of creative, expressive, and reflective writing on career learning: An explorative study
  193. Unsustainable consumption in The Netherlands
  194. Narrative identity: writing the self in career learning
  195. Future Directions in Environmental Anthropology: Incorporating the Ethnography of Environmental Education
  196. Introduction: Environmental Anthropology of Today and Tomorrow
  197. Environmental anthropology
  198. Life on the brink: environmentalists confront overpopulation
  199. The Narrative Quality of Career Conversations in Vocational Education
  200. Discussing how the concept of biodiversity in the context of sustainability
  201. Introduction
  202. The relationship between career competencies, career identity, motivation and quality of choice
  203. Human nature and (un)sustainability
  204. Children's attitudes to consumption
  205. Anthropology and sustainable development
  206. Distributed error and alarm processing in the CMS data acquisition system
  207. High availability through full redundancy of the CMS detector controls system
  208. Operational experience with the CMS Data Acquisition System
  209. Status of the CMS Detector Control System
  210. Upgrade of the CMS Event Builder
  211. Book review by Patricia K. Townsend of our book Environmental Anthropology Today
  212. Love of nature: The Lorax complex
  213. How children from different socio-economic backgrounds think about cars and sustainability
  214. Measuring environmental attitudes
  215. Has education for sustainable development turned away from environment?
  216. Can training teachers stimulate career learning conversations? Analysis of vocational training conversations in Dutch secondary vocational education
  217. First Operational Experience With a High-Energy Physics Run Control System Based on Web Technologies
  218. Search for charged Higgs bosons in e+e− collisions at $\sqrt{s}=189\mbox{--}209\ \mbox{GeV}$
  219. Learning for now or later? Career competencies among students in higher vocational education in the Netherlands
  220. Recent experience and future evolution of the CMS High Level Trigger System
  221. How children think about nature
  222. Narratives at work: the development of career identity
  223. Conservation in anthropology: exposing anthropocentrism
  224. Culture and conservation: exploring ethics
  225. Alternative Treatment for Asthma: Case Study of Success of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Children from Urban Areas with Different Levels of Environmental Pollution
  226. An Analysis of the Control Hierarchy Modelling of the CMS Detector Control System
  227. Studies of future readout links for the CMS experiment
  228. The data-acquisition system of the CMS experiment at the LHC
  229. Education for Sustainable Development: Examining Anthropocentric Bias
  230. Determination of α S using OPAL hadronic event shapes at $\sqrt{s} = 91\mbox{--}209~\mathrm{GeV}$ and resummed NNLO calculations
  231. Environmental Anthropology: An overview
  232. Kids and cars: Environmental attitudes in children
  233. Helping chronically ill employees to stay at work
  234. Book review on the subject of migration
  235. What do kids think about consumption?
  236. The relationship between learning environment and career competencies of students in vocational education
  237. 360 degree feedback: how many raters are needed for reliable ratings on the capacity to develop competences, with personal qualities as developmental goals?
  238. Asthma patients and medication doubts
  239. Asthma patients' view on side-effects of prescribed medicine and alternative treatments
  240. Reflecting on sustainability behavior and human nature
  241. Disability management at work
  242. Dynamic configuration of the CMS Data Acquisition cluster
  243. Monitoring the CMS data acquisition system
  244. The CMS data acquisition system software
  245. The CMS event builder and storage system
  246. The CMS online cluster: IT for a large data acquisition and control cluster
  247. Book review Indigenous diasporas and dislocations
  248. What are vocational training conversations about? Analysis of vocational training conversations in Dutch vocational education from a career learning perspective
  249. Mystery to mastery: An exploration of what happens in the black box of writing and healing
  250. Mentoring in Dutch vocational education: an unfulfilled promise
  251. Review of our book Crossing European Boundaries
  252. Differences and similarities in the use of the portfolio and personal development plan for career guidance in various vocational schools in The Netherlands
  253. Leading the process of reculturing: Roles and actions of school leaders
  254. Exploring the Role of Culture(s) in International Fashion Magazines
  255. Measurement of αs with radiative hadronic events
  256. Bose–Einstein study of position–momentum correlations of charged pions in hadronic Z0 decays
  257. Measurement of the e+e-→W+W- cross section and W decay branching fractions at LEP
  258. Flexible custom designs for CMS DAQ
  259. Inclusive production of charged hadrons in photon–photon collisions
  260. Russian migrants in Europe
  261. Search for invisibly decaying Higgs bosons with large decay width using the OPAL detector at LEP
  262. Measurement of the strong coupling αS from four-jet observables in e+e- annihilation
  263. More vocational education and supplementary training through equalization of costs? An analysis of a training and development fund in the Netherlands
  264. What does "Europe without boundaries" imply?
  265. Cultural Boundaries in Singapore Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises
  266. Identity learning: the core process of educational change
  267. Determination of the LEP beam energy using radiative fermion-pair events
  268. Multi-photon events with large missing energy in
  269. Flavour independent search for Higgs bosons decaying into hadronic final states in
  270. Scaling violations of quark and gluon jet fragmentation functionsin ${\rm e^ + e^-}$ annihilations at ...
  271. Search for neutral Higgs bosons in CP-conserving and CP-violating MSSM scenarios
  272. Constraints on anomalous quartic gauge boson couplings fromνν¯γγandqq¯γγevents at CERN LEP2
  273. Study of Bose-Einstein correlations in ${\rm e}^ + {\rm e}^-\to {\rm W}^ + {\rm W}^-$ events at LEP
  274. Measurement of the strange spectral function in hadronic $\tau$ decays
  275. Discourses on ethnicity in Singaporean SMEs
  276. A study of charm and anti-charm production in beauty decays with the OPAL detector at LEP
  277. Tests of models of color reconnection and a search for glueballs using gluon jets with a rapidity gap
  278. From Controlling to Constructive: Youth Unemployment Policy in Australia and The Netherlands
  279. A measurement of semileptonic B decaysto narrow orbitally-excited charm mesons
  280. Search for nearly mass-degenerate charginos and neutralinos at LEP
  281. Test of non-commutative QED in the process e+e−→γγ at LEP
  282. Bose–Einstein correlations of π0 pairs from hadronic Z0 decays
  283. Measurement of the cross-section for the process $\gamma\gamma\to p\bar{p}$ at $\sqrt{s_{ee}} = 183-189 $ GeV at LEP
  284. Charged particle momentum spectra in ee annihilation at $\sqrt{s} = 192$ -209 GeV
  285. Decay-mode independent searches for new scalar bosons with the OPAL detector at LEP
  286. Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the OPAL detector at LEP
  287. A measurement of the τ−→μ−ν̄μντ branching ratio
  288. Measurement of the mass of the W boson in ee collisions using the fully leptonic channel
  289. Multi-photon production in ee collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $ 181-209 GeV
  290. Study of Z pair production and anomalous couplingsin e + e- collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ between 190 GeV and 209 GeV
  292. New perspectives on career and identity in the contemporary world
  293. Genuine correlations of like-sign particles in hadronic Z0 decays
  294. Measurement of the branching ratio for the process b→τ−ν̄τX
  295. The CMS event builder demonstrator and results with Myrinet
  296. Search for lepton flavour violation in e+e− collisions at s=189–209 GeV
  297. Angular analysis of the muon pair asymmetry at LEP 1
  298. Measurement of the branching ratio for D−s→τ−ν̄τ decays
  299. Determination of the b quark mass at the Z mass scale
  300. Measurement of $|{\rm V}_{\rm ub}|$ using $b$ hadron semileptonic decay
  301. Bose-Einstein correlations in ${\mathrm K^{\pm}}{\mathrm K^{\pm}}$ pairs from $\mathrm{Z}^0$ decays into two hadronic jets
  302. Precision neutral current asymmetry parameter measurements from the Tau polarization at LEP
  303. A search for a narrow radial excitation of the $\mathrm{D}^{*\pm}$ Meson
  304. A simultaneous measurement of the QCD colour factors and the strong coupling
  305. Measurement of the mass and width of the W boson in e+e− collisions at 189 GeV
  306. A study of one-prong Tau decays with a charged kaon
  307. Precise determination of the Z resonance parameters at LEP: “Zedometry”
  308. Searches for prompt light gravitino signatures in e+e− collisions at GeV
  309. QCD analyses and determinations of $\alpha_s$ in ${\rm e}^+{\rm e}^-$ annihilation at energies between 35 and 189 GeV
  310. Inclusive production of D $^{\ast\pm}$ mesons in photon-photon collisions at $\sqrt{s}_{\rm ee}=183$ and 189 GeV and a first measurement of $F^\gamma _{2,{\rm c}}$
  311. Leading particle production in light flavour jets
  312. Transverse and longitudinal Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  313. A study of spin alignment of $\rho(770)^{\pm}$ and $\omega(782)$ mesons in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  314. Measurements of $R_{\rm b}$ , $A_{\rm FB}^{\rm b}$ , and $A_{\rm FB}^{\rm c}$ in ${\rm e^+ e^-}$ collisions at 130 – 189 GeV
  315. QCD studies with ${\rm e^+e^-}$ annihilation data at 172-189 GeV
  316. Measurement of |Vcb| using decays
  317. Precision luminosity for Z $^0$ lineshape measurements with a silicon-tungsten calorimeter
  318. Tests of the standard model and constraints on new physics from measurements of fermion-pair production at 189 GeV at LEP
  319. A study of parton fragmentation in hadronic Z $^0$ decays using $\Lambda\bar\Lambda$ correlations
  320. Measurements of inclusive semileptonic branching fractions of b hadrons in $\boldmath Z^0z$ decays
  321. Search for new physics in rare B decays
  322. Tau decays with neutral kaons
  323. Z boson pair production in e+e− collisions at and 189 GeV
  324. Inclusive production of charged hadrons and
  325. Search for anomalous photonic events with missing energy in
  326. Search for scalar top and scalar bottom quarks at
  327. Measurement of the average polarization of b baryons in hadronic Z0 decays
  328. Measurement of the longitudinal cross-section using the direction of the thrust axis in hadronic events at LEP
  329. First measurement of production in Compton scattering of quasi-real photons
  330. Multi-photon production in e+e− collisions at GeV
  331. Production of χc2 mesons in photon-photon collisions at LEP
  332. Search for Higgs bosons and new particles decaying into two photons at GeV
  333. Search for stable and long-lived massive charged particles in e+e− collisions at GeV
  334. Search for an excess in the production of four-jet events from e+e− collisions at –184 GeV
  335. Measurement of the quark to photon fragmentation function through the inclusive production of prompt photons in hadronic ${\rm Z^0}$ decays
  336. Polarization and forward-backward asymmetry of $\Lambda$ baryons in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  337. Measurement of ${\rm f(c \to D^{*+} X)}$ , ${\rm f(b \to D^{*+} X)}$ and $\Gamma_{\rm c\bar c}/\Gamma_{\rm had}$ using ${\rm D}^{*\pm}$ ...
  338. Measurement of the W boson mass and ${\rm W^+W^-}$ production and decay properties in ${\rm e}^+{\rm e}^-$ collisions at ${\sqrt s = 172}$ GeV
  339. Multiplicity distributions of gluon and quark jets and tests of QCD analytic predictions
  340. Search for the Bc meson in hadronic Z0 decays
  341. Search for the standard model Higgs boson in ${\rm e^+e^-}$ collisions at $\sqrt s = 161$ –172 GeV
  342. An upper limit for the
  343. Bose-Einstein correlations of three charged pions in hadronic Z
  344. Construction, test and operation in a high intensity beam of a small system of micro-strip gas chambers
  345. Determination of the production rate of
  346. Investigation of CP violation in
  347. Measurement of the one-prong hadronic tau branching ratios at LEP
  348. Measurement of triple gauge boson couplings from
  349. Photon and light meson production in hadronic Z
  350. Production of
  351. Search for anomalous production of di-lepton events with missing transverse momentum in e
  352. An upper limit on the branching ratio for τ decays into seven charged particles
  353. Measurements of the b quark forward-backward asymmetry around the Z $^0$ peak using jet charge and vertex charge
  354. Search for scalar top and scalar bottom quarks at $\sqrt{s} = 170$ -172 GeV in ${\rm e^+e^-}$ collisions
  355. QCD studies with ${\rm e^+e^-}$ annihilation data at 161 GeV
  356. ${\rm B^*}$ production in ${\rm Z^0}$ decays
  357. Measurement of the semileptonic branching fraction of inclusive b baryon decays to $\Lambda$
  358. Search for CP violation in Z $^0\longrightarrow{\tau^+\tau^-}$ and an upper limit on the weak dipole moment of the $\tau$ lepton
  359. Study of $\phi(1020)$ , ${\rm D}^{*\pm}$ and B $^*$ spin alignment in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  360. An improved measurement of $R_b$ using a double tagging method
  361. Analysis of hadronic final states and the photon structure function $F^\gamma _2$ in deep inelastic electron-photon scattering at LEP
  362. Measurement of QED structure functions of the photon using azimuthal correlations at LEP
  363. Measurement of the triple gauge boson coupling αWφ from W+W− production in e+e− collisions at GeV
  364. Search for charged scalar leptons using the OPAL detector at GeV
  365. $\Sigma^+$ , $\Sigma^0$ and $\Sigma^-$ hyperon production in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  366. Strange baryon production in hadronic Z $^0$ decays
  367. Search for excited leptons in e+e− collisions at
  368. Test of the four-fermion contact interaction in e+e− collisions at 130–140 GeV
  369. A first measurement of the Λ and ΛΛ () spin compositions in hadronic Z0 decays
  370. A measurement of the B d 0 oscillation frequency using leptons and D*± mesons
  371. A precise measurement of the tau polarization and its forward-backward asymmetry at LEP
  372. Multiplicity dependence of Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z0 decays
  373. Prompt production in hadronic Z0 decays
  374. Search for unstable neutral and charged heavy leptons in e+e− collisions at and 136 GeV
  375. Measurements with photonic events in e+e− collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 130–140 GeV
  376. QCD studies with e+e− annihilation data at 130 and 136 GeV
  377. Search for chargino and neutralino production using the OPAL detector at GeV at LEP
  378. Topological search for the production of neutralinos and scalar particles
  379. Upper limit on theν τ mass fromτ → 3hν τ decays
  380. A study of four-fermion final states with high multiplicity at LEP
  381. Measurement of cross-sections and asymmetries in e+e− collisions at 130–140 GeV centre-of-mass energy
  382. Improved measurements of the B0 and B+ meson lifetimes
  383. Measurement of the multiplicity of charm quark pairs from gluons in hadronic Z0 Decays
  384. A measurement of charged particle multiplicity in Z0 → cc̄ and Z0 → bb̄ events
  385. A measurement of the Λb0 lifetime
  386. Measurement of the longitudinal, transverse and asymmetry fragmentation functions at LEP
  387. An improved measurement of the BS0 lifetime
  388. A study of charm meson production in semileptonic B decays
  389. Measurements of the inclusive branching ratios of τ-leptons to K0S and charged K∗(892)
  390. Updated measurement of the τ lifetime
  391. Observation of exclusive decays of B mesons at LEP
  392. Search for a scalar top quark using the OPAL detector
  393. Search for rare hadronic B decays
  394. Measurement of the time dependence of mixing using leptons and D∗± mesons
  395. Measurement of the τ− → h− π0ντ and τ− → h− ⩾ 2π0ντ branching ratios
  396. Measurement of the time dependence of mixing using a jet charge technique
  397. Search for the minimal standard model Higgs boson
  398. Search for neutral Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model
  399. Multiplicity and transverse momentum correlations in multihadronic final states in e+e− interactions at √s = 91.2 GeV
  400. A study of differences between quark and gluon jets using vertex tagging of quark jets
  401. Educating for Environmental Justice
  402. Biodegradable
  403. Earth Day
  404. Encyclopedia entry 'Suburbs'
  405. Russian migrants in London and Amsterdam
  406. Preface and Acknowledgements to book Crossing European Boundaries
  407. Crossing European Boundaries
  408. Introduction to edited volume Sustainability: Key Issues
  409. An introduction to environmental anthropology