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  1. Trans adolescents should decide when to start gender-affirming care, not parents or courts
  2. The clinical irrelevance of “desistance” research for transgender and gender creative youth.
  3. In transgender health, some informed consent models are better than others
  4. Gender markers perpetuate cisnormativity - we should abolish them
  5. ROGD is scientific-sounding veneer for unsubstantiated anti-trans views: A peer-reviewed analysis
  6. Clinicians should help their patients medically transition without a gender dysphoria diagnosis
  7. No, there is nothing homophobic about gender affirmation
  8. Watchful Waiting Doesn’t Mean No Puberty Blockers, and Moving Beyond Watchful Waiting
  9. Gatekeeping hormone replacement therapy for transgender patients is dehumanising
  10. Promoting gender exploration for trans youth doesn't mean delaying their transition
  11. Changes to sex ratios in clinics probably don't reflect a real change in the transgender population
  12. Puberty Blockers Are Necessary, but They Don’t Prevent Homelessness: Caring for Transgender Youth by Supporting Unsupportive Parents
  13. In Favor of Covering Ethically Important Cosmetic Surgeries: Facial Feminization Surgery for Transgender People
  14. Formal protections fail to adequately improve trans well-being: a critique of Bill C-16