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  1. Factors of adoption governing the emergence of urban consolidation centres
  2. Improvements in pre-revolution French military logistics: lessons for modern day supply chains
  3. Servitization as a competitive difference in humanitarian logistics
  4. A proposed interdisciplinary framework for the environmental management of water and air-borne emissions in maritime logistics
  5. The Impact of Consumer Green Behaviour on Green Loyalty Among Retail Formats: A Romanian Case Study
  6. Relationship between sustainability and risk management in fashion supply chains
  7. Investigating effects of organisational culture and learning on environmental collaboration and performance of Korean exporting firms
  8. Questionable research practices in academia: antecedents and consequences
  9. Strategic adoption of logistics and supply chain management
  10. Doing the right thing – ethical issues in logistics and supply chain
  12. Dossier: new strategies and organizations in e-distribution
  13. Management challenges in creating value from business analytics
  14. A Symbiosis Perspective
  15. Why you (should) love your key suppliers
  16. Intermediaries in power-laden retail supply chains: An opportunity to improve buyer–supplier relationships and collaboration
  17. The implementation of supply chain management theory in practice: an empirical investigation
  18. Does B2C online logistics service quality impact urban logistics?
  19. Logistics and supply chain education and jobs: a study of UK markets
  20. Supply chain management resources, capabilities and execution
  21. Investigating household recycling behaviour through the interactions between personal and situational factors
  22. Investigating brand equity of third-party service providers
  23. Enablers and Barriers in German Online Food Retailing
  24. Improving the execution of supply chain management in organizations
  25. Using the “documentary method” to analyse qualitative data in logistics research
  26. The relevance of shopper logistics for consumers of store-based retail formats
  27. Value in business and industrial marketing: Past, present, and future
  28. Improving On-Shelf Availability and Out-of-Stocks in Non-food Retail
  29. The Interaction of Human Resources and Managerial Systems as they Affect In-Store Replenishment Operations
  30. Using fourth‐party logistics management to improve horizontal collaboration among grocery retailers
  31. Antecedents for the adoption and execution of supply chain management
  32. The interface between retailers and logistics service providers in the online market
  33. Short‐run vs long‐run trade‐offs in outsourcing relationships
  34. Service quality and its relation to satisfaction and loyalty in logistics outsourcing relationships
  35. An empirical examination of the contribution of capabilities to the competitiveness of logistics service providers
  36. Long-range transport: speeding up the cash-to-cash cycle
  37. Physical distribution service quality in online retailing
  38. Developing environmental supply chain performance measures
  39. Design of closed‐loop supply chain and product recovery management for fast‐moving consumer goods
  40. Comment on logistics and SCM doctoral education: the European logistics association doctorate workshop
  41. Sources of competitiveness for logistics service providers: a UK industry perspective
  42. Integration of supply and marketing for a blood service
  43. Supply Chain Management and the Retail Industry
  44. A model for structuring efficient consumer response measures
  45. Research note
  46. A framework for purchasing transport services in small and medium size enterprises
  47. Developing a framework for measuring physical distribution service quality of multi‐channel and “pure player” internet retailers
  48. The consumer direct services revolution in grocery retailing: an exploratory investigation
  49. Using block courses for teaching logistics
  50. Web-based Surveys in Logistics Research: An Empirical Application