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  1. Supply chain relationship quality and its impact on firm performance
  2. Retail format selection in on-the-go shopping situations
  3. Dynamic Processes of Territorial Embeddedness in International Online Fashion Retailing
  4. The Power of Aesthetics in Retailing
  5. Augmenting the urban place brand – On the relationship between markets and town and city centres
  6. How to convert consumers to become patrons of your store?
  7. Omni-channel retailing research – state of the art and intellectual foundation
  8. Key competences of logistics and SCM professionals – the lifelong learning perspective
  9. Store managers as ambassadors of and seismographs in shopping centres
  10. If you cannot fight them, complement them - The resilience of urban retail agglomerations
  11. On the afterlife of unsaleable products in stores
  12. “Each product that we throw away that is still consumable hurts”
  13. Why you (should) love your key suppliers
  14. Sleeping with the enemy for the greater good
  15. Store Managers – The Seismographs in Shopping Centres
  16. Managing the attractiveness of evolved and created retail agglomerations formats
  17. Retailing in the United Kingdom - a Synopsis
  18. The GS1 Databar and Its Future Application - Results from a Delphi Study
  19. Instore-Logistik als neuralgischer Brückenkopf einer Supply Chain — Modellbildung, empirische Bestandsaufnahme und Simulation
  20. Der eurocalculus® zur planung der wechselgeldbestände bei der euro-einfßhrung