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  1. Leaving the Field: Designing a Socio-Material Toolkit for Teachers to Continue to Design Technology with Children
  2. Desiging Social Play Things
  3. Children as Designers - Recognising divergent creative modes in Participatory Design
  4. Entanglements
  5. Unpacking Forms of Relatedness around Older People and Telecare
  6. Entanglement HCI The Next Wave?
  7. Autism Technology Research has a Problem: They’re Designing for Neurotypical People
  8. Designing Mobile Technologies for Neurodiversity
  9. Ways of thinking in informatics
  10. Sensorstation
  11. Nurturing Constructive Disagreement - Agonistic Design with Neurodiverse Children
  12. Making the child-computer interaction field grow up
  13. Blending Human and Artificial Intelligence to Support Autistic Children’s Social Communication Skills
  14. Thinking OutsideTheBox - Designing Smart Things with Autistic Children
  15. The Things We Play with Roles of Technology in Social Play
  16. Diversity computing
  17. Special Topic: Taking Action in a Changing World
  18. Research Ethics in HCI
  19. Values in Computing
  20. Participatory Evaluation with Autistic Children
  21. Reflective Practicum
  22. When Empathy Is Not Enough
  23. Embodied Companion Technologies for Autistic Children
  24. Rethinking autism and technology
  25. Disability and Technology