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  1. Store brands save time as well as money
  2. International retailing as embedded business models
  3. Why Do Local South Korean Market Leaders Supply Retailer Grocery Brands?
  4. Standardized marketing strategies in retailing? IKEA’s marketing strategies in Sweden, the UK and China
  5. Below-cost legislation: lessons from the Republic of Ireland
  6. Modeling in branding: a critical ethnography approach
  7. A critical account of the process of branding: towards a synthesis
  8. Retailing in Europe: 20 years on
  9. Towards modeling the retailer as a brand: A social construction of the grocery store from the customer standpoint
  10. Retailing in the United Kingdom - a Synopsis
  11. The role of corporate branding in a market driving strategy
  12. Sainsbury's in Egypt: the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
  13. Categorizing patterns and processes in retail grocery internationalisation
  14. International Retail Divestment: Reviews, Case Studies and (E)merging Agenda
  15. Consumer co‐operatives and retail internationalisation: problems and prospects
  16. The international transfer of store brand image
  17. Private brands, governance, and relational exchange within retailer–manufacturer relationships: Evidence from Irish food manufacturers supplying the Irish and British grocery markets
  18. Retail Internationalisation:
  19. The International Divestment Activities of European Grocery Retailers
  20. Channel power, conflict and conflict resolution in international fashion retailing
  21. E-commerce and the retail process: a review
  22. Power and Competition in the UK Retail Grocery Market
  23. Market sanctions, monitoring and vertical coordination within retailer‐manufacturer relationships
  24. Failure in international retailing: research propositions
  25. Below‐cost legislation and retail conduct: evidence from the Republic of Ireland
  26. The Implications of Wal-Mart's Takeover of ASDA
  27. Takeovers and shareholder returns in the retail industry
  28. Takeovers and shareholder returns in the retail industry
  29. Takeovers and shareholder returns in the retail industry
  30. The strategic role of retail brands in British grocery retailing
  31. Brands without boundaries – The internationalisation of the designer retailer’s brand
  32. The role of store image in retail internationalisation
  33. Dependency in Manufacturer-Retailer Relationships: The Potential Implications of Retail Internationalisation for Indigenous Food Manufacturers
  34. Performance in Food Retailing: A Cross-national Consideration and Comparison of Retail Margins
  35. Understanding the arrival of limited line discount stores in Britain
  36. The elderly consumer and non‐food purchase behaviour
  37. Temporal trends in the internationalization of British retailing
  38. Book reviews
  39. Trends and Management Issues in European Retailing
  40. Retailing in Poland
  41. Hypermarkets in France
  42. Retailing in Eastern Europe — Emerging Markets within the European Union
  43. The operating performance of companies involved in acquisitions in the U.K. retailing sector, 1977–1992