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  1. Personality traits of a good liar: A systematic review of the literature
  2. Fast and furious: A neglected issue in health promotion among young drivers
  3. Situation awareness in young novice ambulance drivers: So much more than driving
  4. Understanding the driving and licensing experiences of youth with autism
  5. “I need to skip a song because it sucks”: Exploring mobile phone use while driving among young adults
  6. A qualitative exploration of driving stress and driving discourtesy
  7. Development of a higher-order instruction coding taxonomy for observational data: Initial application to professional driving instruction
  8. The situation awareness of young drivers, middle-aged drivers, and older drivers: Same but different?
  9. “ You’re so used to having someone tell you what to do ”: Experiences of young drivers during the provisional licence phase
  10. Situation Awareness Fast-Tracking, Including Identifying Escape Routes (SAFER): Evaluation of the Impact of SAFER on Learner Driver Situation Awareness Skills
  11. Fijian adolescents’ understanding and evaluation of climate change: Implications for enabling effective future adaptation
  12. Young drivers and their cars: Safe and sound or the perfect storm?
  13. Emotions, behaviour, and the adolescent driver: A literature review
  14. A Literature Review of the Likely Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Adolescent Driving Abilities
  15. Footbridge usage in high-traffic flow highways: The intersection of safety and security in pedestrian decision-making​
  16. Transcultural validation and reliability of the Spanish version of the behaviour of young novice drivers scale (BYNDS) in a Colombian young driver population
  17. Sensitivity to reward and risky driving, risky decision making, and risky health behaviour: A literature review
  18. Driven to drive? Investigating the effect of gamification on learner driver behavior, perceived motivation and user experience
  19. Colombian young drivers risky behavior.
  20. An analysis of child deaths by suicide in Queensland Australia, 2004-2012. What are we missing from a preventative health services perspective?
  21. Nonverbal communication during the learner lesson with a professional driving instructor: A novel investigation
  22. Provisional drivers' perceptions of the impact of displaying P plates
  23. Are you okay to drive? Commuting behavior and blood alcohol concentrations among restaurant diners
  24. Obstacles to engaging in young driver licensing: Perspectives of parents
  25. Young driver risky behaviour and predictors of crash risk in Australia, New Zealand and Colombia: Same but different?
  26. Young driver perceptions of police traffic enforcement and self-reported driving offences
  27. Key players and their interactions within the young driver road safety system
  28. 889 An analysis of car crashes fatalities involving young drivers in Queensland Australia
  29. 567 An exploration of children suicides in Queensland, Australia. Considerations for prevention, intervention and postvention
  30. A call to improve sampling methodology and reporting in young novice driver research
  31. Commentary on Cavazos-Rehg and Colleagues: Selected State Policies and Associations with Alcohol Use Behaviors and Risky Driving Behaviors Among Youth-Findings from the Monitoring the Future Study
  32. Pacific Islanders’ understanding of climate change: Where do they source information and to what extent do they trust it?
  33. Older male and female drivers in car-dependent settings
  34. Good Old Gamers, Good Drivers: Results from a correlational experiment among older drivers
  35. Spirituality and attitudes towards Nature in the Pacific Islands: insights for enabling climate-change adaptation
  36. The psychosocial purpose of driving and its relationship with the behaviour of young novice drivers
  37. Validation of the BYNDS in a New Zealand young driver population
  38. The contribution of the third dimension of the Haddon matrix to injury prevention
  39. “How Do I Save It?” Usability Evaluation of a Systems Theory-Based Incident Reporting Software Prototype by Novice End Users
  40. Parents, peers, and the perilous behaviour of young drivers
  41. A systems-based approach to young driver road safety
  42. Experiences of Teen Drivers and their advice for the Learner License Phase
  43. A Novel Approach to Assessing Road-Curve Crash Severity
  44. Risky driving behaviours reported by young novice drivers
  45. Influences on young novice drivers during the provisional licence phase
  46. Self-Reported Driving Behaviours and Experiences of License Holders
  47. Revisiting the concept of the ‘problem young driver’
  48. Speeding by young novice drivers
  49. Driven to drive: Designing gamification for a learner logbook smartphone application
  50. The relationship between risky driving behaviour in young drivers and personal characteristics.
  51. Do novice drivers comply with road rules?
  52. Exploring the influences of parents, friends, and police on young novices' risky driving decisions
  53. Confirmatory factor analysis of the Behaviour of Young Novice Drivers Scale (BYNDS)
  54. Young and Unlicensed: Risky Driving Before Entering the Licensing System
  55. Risky Driving Interview
  56. A review of vulnerable road user groups
  57. Mileage, Car Ownership, Punishment Avoidance and the Risky Driving of Young Drivers
  58. The relationship between risky driving behaviour in young drivers and personal characteristics.
  59. Experiences of learner drivers following changes to the graduated driver licensing program
  60. The psychological distress of the young driver: A brief report
  61. Behavior of Young Novice Drivers Scale
  62. Psycho-social factors influencing the risky behaviour of young drivers