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  1. On the clustering of triacylglycerols in the molten state
  2. Impact of cooling rate and shear flow on crystallization and mechanical properties of wax-crystal networks
  3. Spontaneous aggregation of bovine milk casein micelles: Ultra-small angle x-ray scattering and mathematical modeling
  4. Linear and nonlinear rheological behavior of fat crystal networks
  5. Development, Characterization, and Utilization of Food-Grade Polymer Oleogels
  6. nanostructured fat crystal networks
  7. Engineering the viscosity and melting behaviour of triacylglycerol biolubricants via interesterification
  8. Influence of particle size and interfacial interactions on the physical and mechanical properties of particle-filled myofibrillar protein gels
  9. Internal and external factors affecting the stability of glycerol monostearate structured emulsions
  10. pH and stability of the α-gel phase in glycerol monostearate–water systems using sodium stearoyl lactylate and sodium stearate as the co-emulsifier
  11. Nature and dynamics of monostearin phase transitions in water: stability and the sub-α-gel phase