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  1. ISO 9001 maintenance, decertification and recertification: a systematic literature review
  2. Determinants of expected performance after ISO 9001 certification withdrawal
  3. Certification barriers and benefits as antecedents to internal decertification motivations
  4. Factors that affect the tendency for ISO 9001 decertification
  5. Inertia, group conformity and customer loyalty in healthcare in the information age
  6. Is poor performance the reason why companies abandon or lose their ISO 9001 certification?
  7. Business strategy implementation obstacles and failure
  8. How do firms prepare for ISO 9001 certification?
  9. How much does the loss of a ISO 9001 certificate affects the firms’ financial performance?
  10. Strategy implementation: What is the failure rate?
  11. Is TQM more difficult to implement than other strategies?
  12. Service quality strategy implementation: a model and the case of the Algarve hotel industry
  13. What are the consequences for strategy implementation of service quality gaps?
  14. How service quality gaps influence the implementation of a service quality strategy
  15. A comprehensive model of service quality gaps