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  1. The electoral protest cycle
  2. Predicting public assessments of the official early responses to COVID-19
  3. Anatomy of the Italian populist breakthrough: Lega and Five-star Movement
  4. VOX. The Rise of the Spanish Populist Radical Right
  5. Exit or Voice: Abstention and Support for Populist Radical Right Parties in CEE
  6. Perceptions of the state of health services and the Brexit vote
  7. Political and Affective Polarisation in a Democracy in Crisis
  8. The linguistic regime in Catalan Schools: survey results
  9. Reassessing Downs: Testing the Influence of Voters’ Characteristics in a Presidential Election
  10. At odds with Europe: explaining populist radical right voting in Central and Eastern Europe
  11. The Baskerville's dog suddenly started barking: voting for VOX in the 2019 Spanish general elections
  12. Heroines of the Ballot: the Gender Gap and the Costs of Voting
  13. How costly is voting? Explaining individual differences in the costs of voting
  14. Las elecciones parlamentarias chilenas de 2017
  15. In the name of the people: left populists versus right populists
  16. Bringing Party Ideology Back In: Do Left-Wing Parties Enhance the Share of Women MPs?
  17. Electoral support for left wing populist parties in Europe
  18. Closing the political gender gap in Spain [Who leads and who lags behind?]
  19. Las parlamentarias regionales en España: masa crítica, experiencia parlamentaria e influencia
  20. Embedded Play: Economic and Social Motivations for Sharing Lottery Tickets
  21. La homogeneidad social de la elite política. Los parlamentarios de los PANE (1980-2005)