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  1. The linguistic regime in Catalan Schools: survey results
  2. Sotos Ochando’s language movement
  3. Spelling reformers and artificial language advocates
  4. Religion and artificial languages at the turn of the twentieth century
  5. "Linguistic immersion" and political conflict in contemporary Catalonia
  6. A batalha das línguas artificiais (volapük, o primeiro ator)
  7. Review of Korzhenkov, Richmond & Tonkin (2009): The Life of Zamenhof
  8. Syndication, Institutionalization, and Lottery Play1
  9. The Taylorized Beauty of the Mechanical. Scientific Management and the Rise of Modernist Architecture
  10. The Professional Blind in Spain
  11. Corporatism, public policy and welfare: The case of the Spanish blind
  12. Corporativismo en el área del bienestar. El caso de la Organización Nacional de Ciegos