1. Article
    Invisible Childhoods: Dependent African American Children in the Urban Midwest
  2. Article
    Reckoning the history of women in the historical American west compared to pop culture
  3. Article
    Necro-Settler Coloniality in Texan Mythology and Identity: Forgetting the Alamo
  4. Article
    Reading trauma and the environment
  5. Article
    Remembrance of Austrian Wehrmacht Deserters in Hanna Sukare’s Schwedenreiter
  6. Article
    Dynamique désidentitaire portée par deux œuvres littéraires contemporaines
  7. Article
    Witnessing Impossibility: The Traumatic Theater of Rachel Neuburger's Nepenthe
  8. Article
    Perfectly Designed for Connections: Zine Making in Denver Shelters
  9. Article
    Gold-silver monetary controversy influence in McTeague
  10. Article
    Reimagining the Great American Desert as the Great American Prairie
  11. Article
    The Needle and the Pen: Etching and the Goncourt Brothers’ Novels
  12. Article
    Curating Modernism: Eliot and DeLillo
  13. Article
    Writing Marriage Queerly in the 1940s
  14. Article
    Transnational feminit reading of Women Who Blow on Knots through Lugones’ "'World”-Travelling"
  15. Article
    Community engagement in live events
  16. Article
    Burkina Faso's most creative, prolific and popular filmmaker
  17. Article
    Black feminist critique of Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls
  18. Article
    The Beetle in Pain: Private Trauma in Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina
  19. Article
    Guerreira Tactics: Women Warriors’ Sonic Practices of Refusal in Capoeira Angola
  20. Article
    A case study of archaeology in the Ani-Kitu Hwagi (Cherokee) homeland
  21. Article
    Fake History? Charles Leerhsen and the Redemption of Ty Cobb
  22. Article
    Charles Dickens and the Roots of Global Warming
  23. Article
    Two-Spirit representation in Chrystos's poetry
  24. Article
    "A Composer Has to Challenge a Text": Hanns Eisler and the Ratmen
  25. Article
    The Use of Imagery from Westerns in The Devil's Country by Perla Suez
  26. Article
    The American West in World Literature
  27. Article
    Cormac McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain and the Affordances of Optical Democracy
  28. Article
    Materiality and the Digital Future of Inscription
  29. Article
    Defining fracture lines in society and then blurring them.
  30. Article
    Whores in the Religious Marketplace: Sex-Positivity's Roots in Commercial Sex Cultures
  31. Article
    Visual Language and Evoking Emotion in the Midwest: The Employment of the Split-Screen in Season Two of Fargo
  32. Article
    Du pouvoir (anti)colonial au savoir postcolonial chez Édouard Glissant et Marie-Célie Agnant
  33. Article
    Contemporary German woman novelist revives the work of an early 20th-century Jewish woman poet
  34. Article
    La Mémoire et la revendication féministe: La Saison de l'ombre de Léonora Miano
  35. Article
    The Spread of Policy Across Regions of the United States
  36. Article
    Maria Tallchief, Prima Ballerina and Osage Icon
  37. Article
    Anthropocene Frontiers: The Place of Environment in Western Studies
  38. Article
    European Film Directors use American Westerns to talk about their own identity
  39. Article
    Relating to Animals in Medieval and Modernist Literature
  40. Article
    Holocaust survivor meets refugees of 2015 in same displaced persons camp
  41. Article
    “‘[T]he world’s a beast, and I hate it!’”: Naturalism in Amy Levy’s The Romance of a Shop
  42. Article
    The Pandora's Box of Solomon Carvalho: Ethnic Transformation in the Age of Manifest Destiny
  43. Article
    Civil Rights and Midwestern Black Identity in Iowa, 1839–1900
  44. Article
    Professional sports league and using media to build brand
  45. Article
    Numeral classification in an indigenous language of Mexico
  46. Article
    Experimentations of identity deconstruction through art
  47. Article
    "The Highly Original Country of the Yanquis" : Dramatic Irony and Double-Voicing as Cultural Critique in Maria Cristina Mena's Fiction
  48. Article
    Absolving La Llorona: Yda H. Addis's “The Wailing Woman”