MVM's Nonlinear Internationalization: A Case Study

Tiia Vissak, Barbara Francioni, Fabio Musso
  • Journal of East-West Business, December 2012, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10669868.2012.736081

A firm's foreign market exits and re-entries

What is it about?

This article aims to contribute to the international business literature by discussing the nature of nonlinear internationalization based on a case study of an Italian firm, Meccanica Valle Metauro S.r.l., that had activities in Central and Eastern Europe and other countries and by identifying causes of nonlinearities. The study concludes that nonlinear internationalization may be caused by different internal and external factors and actors; that it can occur once or several times; that foreign market exit may be temporary (followed by re-entry) and permanent; and that de-internationalization does not always mean a failure for the firm.

Why is it important?

It focuses on nonlinear internationalization (exits and re-entries) that has not been studied enough yet.


PhD Tiia Vissak
Tartu Ulikool

It explains how a firm internationalized and why it exited and re-entered several foreign markets.

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