1. Article
    Anticancer potential of a new CAIX inhibitor on cervical cancer cells
  2. Article
    Forecasting banking crises with Qual VAR model
  3. Article
    Strategic Spatial Planning for Renewable Energy: A Policy Guide for Optimal Placement
  4. Article
    Women Entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates - think entrepreneur think woman!
  5. Article
    Challenges and Strategies for Employability among Disadvantaged Australian Youth
  6. Article
    An insight into Ganoderma lucidum on NRF-2-mediated redox homeostasis in colorectal cancer cells
  7. Article
    When People Yell or Play Music Louder their Voices or Instruments also Typically Get Higher in Pitch
  8. Article
    The Individual as a Site of Modernity and the Transnational Webs of Modern Art
  9. Article
    How do science museums translate science into exhibitions?
  10. Article
    Understanding Why Gen-Z Embraces or Avoids Personal E-Health Records
  11. Article
    Questioning Conventions in Architectural Pedagogy
  12. Article
    Vocationalism in the educational policies in Portugal
  13. Article
    PISA in media discourse
  14. Article
    Methodology versus techniques in grounded theory research
  15. Article
    "Enhancing Safety Culture in Nursing Homes: Strategies for Quality Care"
  16. Article
    Factors Affecting ANC Use Among Young Mothers in Indonesia
  17. Article
    Education, Age, and Awareness Impact Maternal Healthcare Use in Indonesia
  18. Article
    Premarital Sex in Indonesia: Factors and Marriage Timing
  19. Article
    CFD Capability Advancement Unstagnation
  20. Article
    Colour photography and stereoscopy: Parallel histories
  21. Article
    "Factors Influencing Child COVID-19 Mortality"
  22. Article
    How military expenses effect FDI inflows to developing countries in the presence of armed conflict
  23. Article
    Review of usability aspects in creating mobile apps for children
  24. Article
    Use of the Swedish gender-neutral pronoun 'hen' in school
  25. Article
    How 5G Can Revolutionize Healthcare: Exploring New Possibilities
  26. Article
    COVID-19 and its impact on the Indian construction industry
  27. Article
    Civil society in Cambodia and Myanmar under authoritarian rule
  28. Article
    Words Counter Tool
  29. Article
    The Threat of Climate Change and What We Should Do About It
  30. Article
    Robert Owen and the Stanley Mills, 1802-1811
  31. Article
    Accessibility and inclusiveness in the Metaverse
  32. Article
    Ordinary people report hearing hallucinated voices
  33. Article
    Health Worker Returnees: Challenges, Experiences, and Policies
  34. Article
    Managing Nurse Migration from Indonesia: Insights from Policymakers
  35. Article
    Nursing Workforce Challenges in Indonesian COVID-19 Response
  36. Article
    Success Factors for Indonesian Nurses in the Japanese Nursing Licensure Exam
  37. Article
    Nursing Labor Market in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities
  38. Article
    How important is teacher education for being successful in foreign language teaching?
  39. Article
    History of neoliberalism in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of the Baltic States
  40. Article
    Shaping Corporate Landscapes: An Introductory Analysis of Women in Corporate Networks
  41. Article
    GIS-based AHP for flood hazard areas mapping of M’zab wadi basin
  42. Article
    Measuring Eye Characteristics in Malawi’s Urban Residents
  43. Article
    Bringing disability perspectives into the curriculum of higher education courses
  44. Article
    Ethnographic case study of the adapted sport of power soccer (a.k.a., powerchair football)
  45. Article
    Incorporating disability perspectives in speech class
  46. Article
    Pros and cons of self-disclosing disability among co-workers
  47. Article
    Student attitudes toward disabled professors
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    Editor's Introduction