1. Article
    Exact shell solutions for conical springs. II. Radial cylindric curb
  2. Article
    Complexity-based emergentism, social translation and the Wikitrad project
  3. Article
    Thai brands challenge gender norms and promote eco-activism through media campaigns
  4. Article
    How well can CI users understand speech in different situations
  5. Article
    New Ways to Look Inside Eyes: Making It Easier for Doctors-in-Training
  6. Article
    Being mindful breaks stereotypes and builds hospitality
  7. Article
    How does climate change, especially heat waves affect vulnerable populations?
  8. Article
    The Impact of British Sporting Achievements on National Pride
  9. Article
    Classifying Architectural Heritage: Desert Caravanserai
  10. Article
    Functionally graded epoxy/graphene composite plates using the BEM and new micromechanical model
  11. Article
    The rugged crust underlying the Red Sea sediments (a buried washboard?)
  12. Article
    Discourses of Memory Denial and the Concept of Dignity: The Graderías de la Dignidad Memorial at the National Stadium in Chile
  13. Article
    Applying the principles of Vivir Bien to a court resolution in Bolivia: language, discourse, and land law
  14. Article
    “ Ps. I’ll find you .” The discourse of postmemory in letters to executed and disappeared grandparents in Chile
  15. Article
    approaches and proposals to improve the integration of migrant children.
  16. Article
    A co-edited book with essays on ethics in ethnomusicological research.
  17. Article
    Ethnicity, culture and human development of Bangladesh’s tea workers
  18. Article
    Effect of protuberances on the aerodynamic performance of a wind turbine blade
  19. Article
    Exploring Identity and Stigma Among Unpartnered Women and Mothers
  20. Article
    The Legacy of Stigma: American Single Mothers and the Harms of Social Perceptions
  21. Article
    The role of academics as refugee policy advocates in Australia
  22. Article
    The governance, leadership and management of complementary schools.
  23. Article
    “We Will Not Be Silenced by Our Executioners”
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    The right to marry who ever you want in Sri Lanka
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    Some straight therapists put a square peg into a round hole
  26. Article
    We looked at the experiences of LGB people attending psychological therapy centres
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    Gendered Technology in Translation and Interpreting
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    Factors influencing plagiarism in higher education
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    How Gender Affects Interpreters' Experience in Courtrooms
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    Examines tween stars Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields and introduces the special issue.
  31. Article
    Disney+’s catalogue show how the company is using its child stars to promote the streaming service.
  32. Article
    Unmasking the Grip of Greed: A Journey toward Humanistic Paradigms
  33. Article
    Human rights and environmental documentaries on film and television
  34. Article
    Energy-conserving finite difference scheme based on velocity interpolation using collocated grids
  35. Article
    Helping traumatised children in residential care
  36. Article
    Advancing Natural Fiber Composites with ZnO Nanofillers: A Review
  37. Article
    Apolitical Community and Elections: A Comparative Study of the Naths in West Bengal and Assam
  38. Article
    Social and Cultural Change in Central Asia: The Soviet Legacy
  39. Article
    The war in Ukraine and environmental security in Central European ministerial discourse
  40. Article
    Gender, Fear and Tourism Labour in the Gig Economy in Turkiye
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    Fieldwork, Publicly-Engaged Scholarship, and Trafficked Indonesian Mortuary Materials
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    Review of ZnO Nanoparticle-Treated Natural Fibers for Advancing Fiber-Reinforced Composites
  43. Article
    Enset (False Banana) Fibers: An Emerging Natural Fiber with Promising Potential
  44. Article
    Eco-Friendly Packaging from Agricultural Waste
  45. Article
    Sustainable Packaging Materials: Using Natural Fibers and Zinc Oxide in Biodegradable Plastics
  46. Article
    Leading community/ heritage languages schools.
  47. Article
    Pregnant and early parenting Indigenous women who use substances: How to help
  48. Article
    The people involved in begging in India and their lived experience during the COVID-19