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A new group of socio-political actors has emerged from the depths of the internet. The ‘involuntary celibates’, or Incels, are disaffected men who feel they have been victimized by feminism. These individuals gather and thrive online in the ‘Manosphere’, a groups of misogynist blogs, chatrooms, subreddits, and online platforms that amplify their feelings of male entitlement and rage. Within this online echo chamber, Incels have begun to craft a violent ideology which dehumanises women, calls for the overthrow of the existing ‘feminist’ world order, and advocates for the creation of a sexual Marxist system which guarantees access to women’s bodies. This article seeks to identify and understand the core components of Incel ideology, including its relationship with hegemonic masculinities, evolutionary psychology, and sexual Marxism. The goal of this articles is to begin defining the social and political goals of the amorphous, yet potentially impactful, known as the Incels.

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Over 50 deaths have been attributed to incel attackers yet we know little about the motivations or the ultimate goal of these actors.

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This page is a summary of: The Ideology of Incels: Misogyny and Victimhood as Justification for Political Violence, Terrorism and Political Violence, October 2022, Taylor & Francis,
DOI: 10.1080/09546553.2022.2129014.
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