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  1. Different UN Peace Operations and the different types of 'theories of change' they employ
  2. The groups of the Manosphere and how these online actors are changing political space.
  3. What is the ideology of the online group the involuntary celibates or 'incels'?
  4. How has the long running TV Series Doctor Who portrayed public perception of Genocide?
  5. The Impacts of UN counterterrorism efforts on UN peace operations
  6. The Misuses of R2P in Counterterrorism
  7. The role of State sovereignty in interpreting the Responsibility to Protect and Counter-Terrorism
  8. Parallel Lines in the Sand
  9. The similarities between the Responsibility to Protect and counterterrorism
  10. Defining State Authority: UN Peace Operations Efforts to Extend State Authority in Mali and the Central African Republic
  11. The protection of civilans by peacekeepers, the developments of the last twenty years.
  12. Counterinsurgency and civilian protection in peace operations